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Bio Oil Review

As I am pregnant and my skin is stretching beyond its capability I really needed a good moisturizer, which at the same time also prevents stretch marks. I heard about many products and decided to get this based on Cynthia’s recommendation and now I don’t regret :)

Bio Oil

This oil claims to prevent scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin.

From my personal experience it did help in hydrating my skin and helped uneven skin tone as well. Since no new stretch marks for now I trust this one for stretch marks as well. I haven’t tried it on my face but I rub it in my belly arms and shoulders and other areas where I feel the skin is stretching for now.

Look and Feel

The oil is very light and completely non-sticky. It is as light as water applied on my skin and get absorbed really quickly. Initially I was a bit skeptic, since it is in oil form I thought I had to wait for a while before wearing my clothes but this one dries super fast leaving the skin soft and supple.

The Bottle

The oil is in light orange color and smells heavenly. Once I pour the oil in my palm it is almost colorless so you can imagine how mild the color is. A mild fresh smell that one would doubt whether it is an oil. Smell does not last long though and that is not a problem for me as I apply it in my growing belly and I don’t expect any fragrance in my belly ;)

Transparent Oil in my hand

Seconds after I have rubbed it in my hands

Major Ingredients

Vitamin A, E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil, PurCellin Oil

For full ingredient listing Go Here

How it works?

Till now I haven’t got any new stretch marks and even the old ones seems to have lighten a bit. I have been using this for 3 months and I could not find any fault with this. I feel my skin is all soft and moisturized through out the day. I will again post an update on this might be in 6 -8 months time after I deliver the baby when my skin is actually shrinking back to form.

I have a dry skin so I need a moisturizer everyday and this one might replace all the other moisturizers I have if at all I find this in Indian stores. So far I couldn’t find it anywhere here in Chennai. I have tried in all major pharmacies in and around my area. Also I am very sure I can never find a moisturizer that is as light as this on my skin. It works perfect for me while I am rushing to work in the morning.

Worth the Money?

The one I have got costs approx USD 13 for 60 ml bottle, which is approximately Rs.650. As this small bottle lasts for around 3- 4 months and also it is very effective, I think it is completely worth the price.


  1. Looking at the main ingredient list, it seems like a fab product.. It's good that it's working on your stretch marks :)

  2. Ya Priya I was happy too :)

  3. Oyee! Nice mehandi!! And hope its available in India by the time I'm the mommy way! hehehe!

  4. thats really good dear:) i know how it is when u r preggie and by the peak time we really get the itchy feeling :) and dryness , i use to apply palmers cocoa butter which was equally good:)
    do tell us ur experiance afterwards too ... let me stock up if me to ??? u know na second baby ??? hope ...:)

  5. Oh yaa sure Rashmi :) Btw saw ur son in ur profile.. soooo cute and very much like u :)

  6. That was a good review Aarthi..Did you buy it online?

  7. No GGG, I had asked my sis to send it across from US.

  8. Ooh ok..missed that point..You had posted about it earlier na?

  9. Aarthi, you could try one of the massage bars from Lush - I think Therapy - its not marketed for stretch marks at actually a massage bar..but I have read it works great for preventing stretch marks.

  10. Wow Thanks Rads.. I'll try it :)

  11. Anonymous10/1/11

    Really it prevented ur stretch mark ?

  12. Yes it did !!!!!

  13. Anonymous11/1/11

    Not even a few ???!!! Amazing !!
    Will it be working after pregnancy ?

  14. Ya, after seeing ur comment I asked my friend who used it.. she said tht i had a small tummy so that might also be a reason for not getting marks and she had a very very big tummy and she got those marks itseems!!!! But Im sure this won't work after pregnancy.. It just lightens it..

  15. Anonymous11/1/11

    Usually, ppl with small tummy will have more marks when compare to ppl with large tummy rite ? Cos large tummy requires only little space for kid to grow whereas small tummy requires more stretch-ness rite ? Correct me, if am wrong..
    Anywayz it wont workout after pregnancy. Thats sad :(

  16. Oops.. I think I didn't convey that properly. I meant my tummy during pregnancy was small. It didn't grow that big - so no stretch marks. Whereas during my friend's pregnancy her belly grew so big that ppl asked her whether she has got twins. So she got many stretch marks then inspite of using Bio Oil. U got it?

  17. Anonymous28/1/12

    It's ma first visit here......i want to know that does it really works on pimple/acne and burn marks??

    1. Hi.. I have no idea about pimple/acne marks but it does make the burn marks vanish :)



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