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Biotique Kajal Review

This post is for Anamika who wanted me to review this kajal. Hope you like it Anamika :)

I got the kajal like 2 years back and I am using it almost everyday from then on. I can never be without a kajal even if I am really busy or sick you can see me wearing a kajal. So in spite of using this for the past 2 years there is still some amount left. Once I finish this I am waiting to try a different brand, as I am too bored with this.

What made me buy this?

The name in the pack says ‘Almond Kaajal’ and also the following

Pure Sesame Oil, Sweet Almond Oil along with extracts of Eclipta Alba and Indian Gooseberry nourish the eye area. This natural blend prepared in traditional Ayurvedic method improves your vision and promotes the growth of eyelashes. Made from natural extracts. You can apply this Kaajal everyday to add sparkle to your eyes.”

I was really impressed when I read the above lines in the kajal box and just picked it blindly. Eclipta Alba is nothing but an herb that is well known to promote hair growth.

Ingredients Listed

Almond Oil – 10%
Triphala Extracts – 5 %
Mulethi Extracts – 2%
Kapoor – 2%
Netranjan – 5%
Kaajal – 2%
Ointment – Q.S.

Look and Feel

When I checked this product in the H&G counter, the packaging was neat with impressive description of the ingredients and what it does. Inside the pack was a transparent plastic twister tube with the kajal along with a transparent lid as well. The lid was intact and kajal looked dark. What more I need from a kajal, so I just picked this one.

Using this everyday it has become a must have product in my collection but after using for a period of time the lid does not stay in place anymore. Whenever I open my bag to take this one I always see the lid and the base separately. So I make sure I keep this in the pen pouch available in my handbag, else I have to let my bag have black lines everywhere. The plastic lid is not very strong and hence it develops cracks very easily. This did disappoint me a little bit.

How it works?

It is really easy to be used. It has never stung my eyes over the 2 years might be as it is an Ayurvedic product. Also the product lasts really long. The kajal shows a good black color on my eyes.

I usually apply it in my lower lash line and as it claims I don’t see any growth of my lashes or improved vision!!!!!!! It is very light to be carried around in the bag but as mentioned earlier once the lid is not intact it spoils the bag.

It lasts for more than half a day after which I again have to go and apply another layer on top to make it stay the whole day. This one smudges easily and I have heard Lotus Kajal works better than this one, especially it smudges less compared to Biotique. Until I heard about Lotus I was ok with this one but now that I am too bored I am planning to switch.

Worth the Money?

Yes, this costs Rs.99 for 3gms and it can be used for 3 years from the date of manufacturing. I think this product is worth the money as I have been using this for more than 2 years and there is still little product left to last for another 3-4 months.

Ifs and Buts – Since I heard other kajals in the market works better, which are not too expensive when compared to Biotique and also does not smudge that easily I am tempted to try those now.


  1. This is the first time some has dedicated a post to me..Thank u so much Aarthi..This is the only Kajal which I haven't tried .I am kajal freak too.:)

    Kajal looks pretty intense but the packaging is too fragile..so i m confused wether to pick it up or not.

    Thanks again for the post:)

  2. you got this 2 years back and still have the cardboard packaging :O
    you should pick up one from lotus now :)

  3. Aarthi31/8/10

    Hi Anamika, I am hearing this for the first time 'Kajal Freak' !!!!! I am a lip gloss freak ;)

  4. Aarthi31/8/10

    Hey Rima, no I don't have that cardboard packaging even now. That was the new one I got recently for my sis :)

    Ya as soon as I finish it I'll get Lotus for sure :)

  5. Nice nice nice.. I think even lotus comes for a long time.. So you will be bored.. I've lost the cap of my Lotus kajal but it doesn't spread in my bag.. So no worries abt dat :)

  6. hey you guys are confusing me :( anamika posted abt himalaya's hmmmm and now u this one :)
    which one to go for ???

    m using lotus after rati's reco. :) and i love that one too :)

  7. nicee review :)
    i will still stick with vlcc kajal though. though expensive i find it better than lotus one !!
    btw i don't think any kajal can improve your vision..that way none of us would require to wear glasses :P

  8. Anonymous1/9/10

    I am using Lotus kajal and its really nice !! Still a long way to finish it so not thinking rite now if I want to buy lotus next ro something else :)


  9. @ Priya

    It is nice that the kajal does not ruin your bag, mine bcame a mess :( Eyeing on Lotus now :)

  10. @ Rashmi

    No confusion Rashmi, either go for Lotus or VLCC but not this one is what I will say.

  11. @ Ezzy

    Welcome here :) I was debating between VLCC and Lotus and I heard about Lotus from many ppl around and so decided to go for tht :)

    Can you tell me in what way VLCC kajal is better than Lotus, so that it will be helpful for me to choose one of those?

  12. @ HD

    We get bored with these kajals easily as they last really really long. Try VLCC, heard it is good as well :)

  13. I have watery eyes. so for some reason lotus does not stay on my waterline for long plus i feel the color payoff is better in VLCC. I personally prefer wearing a really dark black kajal.

  14. Wow ok.. Thanks Ezzy :)

  15. Looks good but the thought of using the same stick for 2 years creeps me out.Id rather using something I could sharpen.But its worth the bucks.

  16. I understand Sonia.It is really boring :(

  17. i use this at the moment as well n really want to change it because like you said it smudges all the time and doesn't even come for the whole day so if u end up changing to a new kajal do review it :)

  18. @ Gowri

    Sure. Will do that soon :) And if I really like it I will get one for you as well :)



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