Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garnier Light Daily Moisturizer Review

Before I share the pics and review of the gifts I got from my sis one by one I thought I would review this product as I guess it might take a few days for me to upload the pics. :(

Garnier Light

I spotted this Garnier Light Daily moisturizer in a really cute little jar and thought it is just perfect to try it out before I decide to actually use it everyday. I have a combination skin type with my T-zone being oily. What made me buy it were the words in the bottle – Daily Moisturizer, Fairness and dark spots prevention. Since it just says prevention and not cure I was a little skeptic about it but as I couldn’t find anything else convincing I just picked this up from the shelves.

Garnier Claims
· Your skin looks naturally lighter and more even. It feels smooth and illuminates with a healthy glow.
· A moisturizer that not only lightens your skin, but also helps prevent dark spots and skin darkening.

Active Ingredients
· Pure Lemon essence and Vitamin C to clarify and smoothen skin.
· Long dan extract to help slow down skin darkening.
· Glycerin to moisturize and comfort the skin.
· UVA & UB filters to protect he skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Directions to use
· Apply daily in the morning on perfectly cleansed skin.
· Gently massage into the skin using light circular movements, moving from the centre of your face outward and from the base of your neck to the top.
· Do not apply to the delicate eye contour area or on irritated skin.

Thick Cream

This cream is a bit thick when I touch it and the same on the skin too, so I apply it soon after my morning shower when my skin in little wet.

The amount I need for my face

It does not just glide on the skin so we have to apply a little amount and rub nicely to spread it over. A little massage along with application is necessary so that the skin can absorb it well. Thus it does not leave any greasy appearance even in my T-zone. Does not disappoint me even on sunny days while I am out most of the time.

It didn’t improve my skin color but when I apply and until I wash my face, it does brighten my face and my face tone looks like it has improved. Though it reads not to be applied around the eye area, it didn’t cause any irritation in and around my eyes. I am happy about it but if you have sensitive skin don’t risk and it is better to avoid this cream around the eyes.

It didn’t do anything that it claims other than moisturization, be it fairness or dark spot prevention.

Worth the Money?

Price is justified as it lasts long and it costs Rs.65 for 18 gm jar and this jar would last me for 4-5 months. Since I was not too keen about fairness and dark spots prevention but only moisturization this didn’t disappoint me much. But I think it would be a waste if the other 2 points were your concern.

I am still looking out for better products in the market, so until then I might hold on to this.


  1. Hey.. I'm not looking for fairness or anything.. Do you think this would suit my oily skin??

  2. No please don't go for this. I won't suggest this to anyone as it does nothing other than little moisturization. I don't think it will suit oily skin.

  3. I bought the combo pack which had the cream and the eye roll on.And both of them were disappointing.Will definitely not recommend it.
    Waiting for your post on the ELF haul.

  4. Hey Sonia I actually liked the eye roll on !!! Will post my haul today :)

  5. This thing gave me terrible break outs..I stay far from granier products .. totally disappointing for me

    1. Same with me.. Many Garnier products have failed me !



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