Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Made Face Pack for Instant Glow

Do you have a dull or tanned skin? Are you looking out for a harmless home remedy? Then this article is for you.I have been trying this face pack for years now and I would say this is my holy grail face pack. Ok let me first tell you about how to prepare this and then the benefits.

What do you need to make the face pack?
  • Moong Dal [Green Gram] powder - 2 table spoon
  • Curd / Milk - To make it into a loose paste
  • Lemon juice - few drops 
  • Milk skin [If you like] - It is a skin like layer that is formed on top of milk while heating it. A stage before we get malai/clotted cream.

Green Gram

How to make the pack?
Mix all the above mentioned ingredients well. Make it into a paste. Take a face-pack brush and apply it evenly on your face, neck and arms if needed. Cover the areas where you want to remove your tan. Leave the pack until it dries completely. Do not talk or make any facial expressions once the pack is tight on your skin. Wash it after it gets dried all over. You can see a soft and glowing skin in an instance. :)

One can use this pack everyday as it does not cause any harm at all. I use it everyday evening. If you feel your skin is really dull or you got tanned recently then this is the best time for you to try this.

Face Pack Brush

  • Milk/curd in the pack moisturizes the skin. If you have really oily skin then add less milk and more water.
  • The effect is visible immediately.
  • Removes dirt and tan. When used regularly for over a period of time it leaves the skin without any marks or patches.
  • Quick and easy pack that can be made with simple ingredients available at home.
  • When milk skin is used it provides a rich source of protein to the skin.

Worth the Money?


  1. I'll try this.. Hopefuly this will lighten my acne scar :D

    Am I asking for too much?? But wat's wrong in tryin...

  2. Since I never had acne I am not sure about it. So try it and let me know if you like it :)

  3. I will definitely try this...I need to get rid of my tan!!!

  4. Hope this helps you as it did before :)

  5. Hi Aarthi, great blog..I saw your posts on IMBB too but did'nt know you also blogged religiously. Nice blog..Loving it and following it. tc..

  6. @ Prachi

    Thank you :) Glad that you like this space and keep coming :)

  7. hey aarthi..seems to be a nice u grind d moong daal to make powder evryday or have u stacked it?

    n hows ur li'l one doing? love to neya.. :)

  8. Hi liked ur blog...:-)....Btw..wen u mentioned milk skin..does it mean malai...

  9. @ Nupur

    We get the powder here in stores. I just get that and use it :)

    Neya is doing good. Will pass on your love to her :)

  10. @ Farha

    Thanks Farha. Keep coming here :)

    Ya I meant malai :)

  11. ohkie.. i ll grind some quantity n keep.. we dont get it here in delhi..

    take care

  12. @ Nupur

    Ya.. It can be stored easily :)

  13. jomol23/1/11

    Aarthi....I just saw your HG face mask.....I have all the ingredients and I am making it right now after scrubbing.....but just a little question....what is milk it the thin layer formed on top of milk?????

  14. @ Jomol,
    Yes Jomol it is the layer formed on top of milk when we heat it. Many had a doubt what it is. I'll edit that :)

  15. can i use it on my hands? my hand is really tanned....

  16. Ya bulbul, you can use it on ur hands and legs as well.. It acts very effectively..:)

  17. Supriya29/2/12

    Hi Aarthi,

    Do you use stoe bought green gram flour or do you make it at home (by grinding).

    If so how is it done?do i have to first wash it and sry it before grinding.Sorry if it is a silly question :P

  18. Hi Supriya, I just got the gram flour from stores and used it. It works fine :)



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