Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Major Haul :)

First of all I am really really sorry for the delay in this post. I was held up with preparations for my baby shower and though I had the pics ready couldn't upload it :(
Not delaying any more here are the pics :)

To start this sweet post with a yummy pic.. Armani chocs :)
These were really yummy ;)

Cute lil bag :)

The chocs

The packaging was very cute as well and trust me these didn't melt even a bit !!!!
Now coming to the actual haul... Let me first categorize based on the brands.

Few products from ELF

Since I am a starter with make-up brushes I got the ELF brush set from their Studio line along with a brush cleanser. Also got the Make up remover wipes, Nail polish remover pads and Eye makeup remover pads :)

I got a compliment from ELF - Shimmering Facial Whip

Shimmering Whip

The Body Shop

The Body Shop
I got my long time favourite Love Etc perfume in 2 small bottles so that I can carry them with me :) Then the White Gardenia Body mist and Aqua Lily shower gel. These were on sale !!!!!!

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Coral, Pink and Shimmer
I got an brow pencil and nail polish in 3 shades- love all the 3 !!!!!

Victoria's Secret

So many!!!!
I have no idea when I'll be finishing all this ;) Body Lotions, Shower gels and bubble baths in huge bottles. Got lip balms in brown & pink and mascars in black & brown. This entire kit was chosen by my sis for me to try them out :)

Lip Balms and Mascaras

Bio Oil

I really love these ones...

From H20

I got the Sea-Marine Gift set that has a scrub, body cream and shower cream. Almost the entire shower cream got wasted as the lid was not closed properly. :(

Sugar Scrub
Triple Butter Body Cream

Purifying Shower Cream

Also got the Sea Clear Skincare Kit

Sea Clear Skincare System
This has a cleanser, toner, Shine control gel and a mask. I love the color, looks very aqua-ish.

I am very curious about this one -The Milk Bath Kit

Milk Bath Trio
This kit has a shower gel, body lotion, hand and nail cream.

Then comes the yummy Tango Mango kit  that has a body balm and shower gel. Looks colorful ;)

Tango Mango
and the compliment from H2O

The bag
The contents / samples
MAC Prep+Prime Powder

I have been craving for this one for the past few months, will try it and let you know how I liked it :)

Lancome Lip Gloss

I had sworn to myself not to buy any gloss for myself but my sis tempted me very badly and said this one looks awesome on lips. So I had to break the oath...... but happily ;)

The Gloss
Burberry Travel Kit

Mum got this cute burberry kit in the flight as a compliment and I snatched it from her ;)

The Pouch

Lip Balm, Body Lotion and a Fragrance
Gift Unrevealed !!!

I love surprises and since I am not yet out of this whole surprise I wanted to hold this single one for some more time. Guessed it is a perfume, lets see. When I open it up will come up with its review  :)

Surprise !!!!
The entire collection :)

Wowiee.. Looks great together.
All these took an entire hand luggage space. !!!

Thanks to my sis for sending so many gifts and mum to have carried them without any complaints.

Will review all these one by one and I am glad that I am sharing this with you. Hope you all liked it :)


  1. Awesome haul.. I think you shd never purchase anything for the next yr or 2 :)

    But I know we can never resist shopping. Can you do a review on MAC Prep+Prime first?? I want to know if it's worth buying.. :)

    I've used victoria secret's body lotion.. Love them :)

  2. He he.. True Priya but I am not sure whether I can resist that long ;)

    I'll review Mac by next week once my baby shower gets over. k?

    I am new to this brand - Victoria's secret, have to try them all ;)

  3. Anonymous30/8/10

    wooooow!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely things!!

    Hey i also have tht Victoria Secrets Heavenly set...Shower Gel, Body mist and moisturiser...


  4. Hey how do you like it HD?

  5. Anonymous30/8/10

    Very nice....light fragrance...the moisturizer is little runny, gets absorbed in the skin v nicely..so not greasy at all...i like the technique u need to use to get the moisturizer and shower gel out of the bottle....no worries whn ur travelling...u never hv to be worried abt the lid opening up


  6. Wow Thanks for this quick and short review HD :)

  7. Hiii..is my first time on your blog..don't know how I managed to miss out!! Anywayss..just managed to stop drooling over all the gifts long enough to leave a comment...goes back to staring and staring

    - Greenie Monkey :P

  8. Hey Rads, Welcome here.. Trying to enable the smileys here so that you can post more and more of greeny monkeys ;) he he ;)

  9. amazing haul!!! loving the nail polishes and even i want lancome lip glossssssssssss:(

  10. @ indianmakeupways

    Thanks a lot :) Get one from Lancome soon ;)

  11. hi love ur site.....
    where r u based??
    are these products immean victorias secret and estee lauder easily available here in india?
    would love to get my hands on them....

  12. Thanks Dr.Shivani :) Do keep coming here :)
    I am from Chennai and we dont get EL n Victoria's Secret here :(

  13. wowowowow! what an amazing haul :) I feel like going shopping now!

    from your newest follower- please follow me back!

  14. Thank you so much :)

  15. Anonymous23/7/11

    wow.. loved this post and the dubai shopping postt.
    losts of make up! do u get to use all these??

  16. Thank You Anon.. Well.. I have finished 90% of the products above and now in the task of using the products got in Dubai :P



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