Sunday, August 8, 2010

Upcoming Haul !!!!

I am all excited as mum is coming home tonight after visiting my sis in New York for a month !!! This is the main reason for my excitement and at the same time as usual my sis would send me loads and loads of gifts from there :) Since this is my first post here thought it would be a good start to begin with my new haul along with the gifts from my sis. Later I would review all the products one by one ;)

A rough list of the products/brands I'll be getting [ I was so curios that I pestered mum and sis and got the details]
  • Bath products from H2O
  • MAC favourites
  • Few really affordable make up stuffs from ELF
  • Bio oil for my stretching skin (as I am carrying my cute lil kid inside)
  • Unrevealed surprise gift !!!
  • Gifts @ discount from The Body Shop [During sale @ TBS]
  • Perfumes
OMG... I really can't wait ;)

I am more excited about the surprise gift. I love surprises so I didn't insist much to get the details.  Secondly perfumes as I am a perfume lover and I don't have an idea about the number of perfumes I own. I can never stop getting perfumes :)

My hubby was actually saying "You dont seem to be waiting for your mum, but rather the gifts ;)"

Not really but no harm as this is what any one would expect from a shopaholic. lol  Dont you ;)


  1. I think all of us get excited at the thot of gifts... .. So I can completely understand :) How was the surprise??? :D

  2. Really big !!!! Will update with photos very soon :)



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