Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's in my handbag?

When I was changing my handbag I just thought I should remove few things, as it was too heavy to carry around always. So after filtering these were the products left in my handbag. Thought of sharing this with you guys as well.

The pic is up for you Rashmi :) - My Guess Handbag :)

All the stuffs

 Let me list down the products here

1.Garnier Light Daily Moisturizer - Review Here

2.Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm - My favorite one and this is one product I can't lose for anything else.

3.Maybelline Whitestay UV Compact in Nude

4.Elle 18 - Eyeliner and Lipstick

5.Biotique Kajal - I am waiting for this to get over so that I can try a better one soon.


7.Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

8.Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser - Not a great cleanser for my skin and I will have it only until I find another one. I use it only during emergency, when my face desperately needs cleansing.

9.Lakme Jewel Sindoor -Another favorite of mine that all married women must have.

10.The Body Shop - Zestini EDT - Refreshing pocket perfume.

11.Avon Shimmer Mousse Eyeshadow - This just gives a light shimmer which I think is ideal for work, as it goes well with all colors.

12.Mirror with comb :) - A cute gift from my best friend.

13.Blistex LipBalm [My hubby's-coz it is too heavy for him to carry ;)] 

14.Lipgloss - Just a transparent one that I use on my lipstick when I feel it is too matte.

15.Chocolate and gum

16.Tissue and Panty Liners - Must Haves 

17.Pouch that has my pen drives, rubber bands and tiny hair clips

18.Other Prods - Pens, Keys, ID Card, Wallet, Iron and Calcium tablets

These are the products I use almost everyday. I can also say even if I miss one of these I'll struggle a bit, so these are my make-up must haves. You want me to write a review on anything here, do let me know. Meanwhile I'll be working on MAC prep+prime powder review. Hope you all liked it :)


  1. Yes I would like you to review Biotique Kajal..i was tempted to try this one..

    by the way i m surprised you do not have much body shop products in your bags..

    by the way if i would have been at your place i would have placed them in my show case:P

    they r truly worth:)

  2. Hi Anamika. Will do that review for sure :)

    I got rid of all other stuff recently, I have only the essential ones, also weight was a factor that I had in my mind so removed all the body lotions and moisturizers :)

    Show case he he ;)

  3. cute blog you have around here. :)

    The mirror with comb is super cute. I must say that you are quite organized. :P

  4. wow..very nice blog..just saw and very about your post...tell the truth..i really enjoyed...I love to see what the other ladies keep in their hand bag..and the stuff which you have, I must say friendly...which every other common Indian girl will want to keep in her bag...very interesting.I'm following you.

  5. @ Rati

    Nice to see you here and glad that you like my blog :) Actually I really want to be organized but I am never satisfied so I keep re-arranging my stuff every now and then ;) My cousins named me 'The Perfectionist' and also they say that I have OCD -Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ;)

  6. @ Rakhshanda

    Thanks for visting my blog and glad that you like my blog space :)

    My bag was a mess until last week ;) Since I couldn't carry myself these days [Grew heavy :(] I wanted to retain only the "very necessary" things ;)

  7. Interesting post... U know even I have similar things in my bag.. Or rather mine wud be messier :D

  8. He He.. I think yours might have more eyeliners and eye shadows ;)

  9. i loved all the stuffies but i would have loved it with the bag pic...
    pls upload that :)
    and yeah m waiting for MAC's review ... its been 2 weeks i think :(
    do ittt fast sweetie:)

  10. Ha ha.. the bag is a black Guess one. Will upload the pic :) Sorry for the delay Rashmi, I was down with fever. Will do it asap :)

  11. I too always carry candies and mints with me everywhere.Where did you get the avon eyeshadow do a review if possible and hows the uv compact Im looking for a compact.Would you recommend it?

  12. I got the e/s long back from Sydney, dono whthr it is available now. Will chk that out and do a review for sure.

    About the compact, I'll say this is just 'ok', you get better ones from MAC Sonia :)

  13. Anonymous30/8/10

    So here I am on yur blog!! You knw I hv the same issue of a heavy bag...My shoulders are forever aching due to my purse n laptop bag I try and keep only v necessary things in my purse...loved to see whts in urs!!


  14. @ HD
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) I think almost all of face this aching shoulders problem. My mum has named my sisters bag as "atom bomb" meaning it might explode any time.. he he ;)

  15. Hiya! nice blog and a sexy back on the pink lady out there ;)
    pls, bag pls :)
    pretty much similar ones in mine. (probably more!) i have a hard time carrying clutches! (i keep a safety bag in the vehicle LOL)

  16. Hi Gaea,
    Bag in the vehicle... he he sounds good ;)

  17. Other than the Tablets, ID tag etc, eyeshadow etc my bag is also pretty much the same..And I too have aching shoulders..thanks to my bag :-)

    Gaea : Are we sisters in avoiding clutches jus for this reason and a back up kit in car ;-)

  18. Aarthi31/8/10

    Wow GGG, you also have back up !!!!

  19. aarthi i came again to check the bag pic sweetie:)
    get well soon honey and do take good care of you :)
    wish u speedy recovery honey :)

  20. oops bag pic is coming up max my tomo :)
    Thanks Rashmi I am better now. Started with MAC Review :) I am planning to post it in Rati's blog as more visitors can see it thr :)

  21. wow thats a pretty bag dear:)
    i love me some guess as well :) but the black one is really cute and handy :) but now i wonder how would you fit in all the stuff hahahah no no no i am not asking for a video but i would like to see something else hahah :) now dont say she greedy :) but i m gonna ask anyways :)
    hey i wanted to see the LANCOME lipgloss on you ooppssss now tell us what coming up next from mommy to be ???

  22. I still have so much space left in my handbag Rashmi.. Can you belive this?

    Lancome lipgloss on me.. Okies I shall do it Rashmi, hope it looks good on me ;)

  23. it will it will i know :) and i am waitingggg

  24. Ok ok.. Me rushing ;)

  25. Nice. Boutique's kajal and Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm seems interesting. Does the Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm available at chennai? Also recommend me a good face wash.

    Take care Aarthi

  26. Hi Shruthi,

    I have not found Burt's Bees in Chennai so far :(

    Let me know your skin type so that I can suggest you a good face wash. I am using the Kama cleanser and it is an awesome product for my combination skin (type 2) :) This works well for all skin types as far as I know. As my friend who has oily skin and my mum with dry skin both love this cleanser :)

  27. Anonymous10/2/11

    Hi aarthi,
    Nice reading your blog. . I was also living in Chennai for so many years. Jus moved to bangalore after marriage few months bac. Since then im facing problems with my extremes of dry skin. I had a combination to oily skin in chennai. But now, I ve a very dry skin in bangalore. I m looking for a good moisturizer for body and face. A good soap suitable for my skin, as it worsens my dry skin now :(... and a cleanser/face wash too tat i can carry to work. Mine is a sensitive skin... so oily moisturizers can leave me with pimples or breakouts. I tried many soaps, face washes and moisturizers... but it doesnt solve my problem.
    Pls can u suggest some good products for me to try.... :)

  28. Hi Kavi,

    Glad that you read my blog :)

    Cleanser or Face Wash - I would suggest you to go for cream based face wash so that it will retain moisture. Such face wash is available in everyuth range.

    Body Moisturizer - You have various options from Garnier Body Cocoon, St.Ives body lotion.

    Face moisturizer - You can try from Clinique. Though they are expensive it is worth it.

    Bath - Again try creamy soaps and try creamy shower gels. Eg. Dove soaps are quite moisturizing.

    Since you mentioned your skin in sensitive please do a patch test or get samples of the products first. If it suits you well and doesn't react badly then just go with it.

    Hope this is helpful.

  29. Anonymous2/7/11

    hi aarthi...its paru again....u seemed to have been all around the globe!!!!!....:):)could u please suggest some sites for online shopping???

  30. Hi Paru, I haven't shopped from many online sites but will help you with what I know.

    Fashion and You - They delivered the product after 3 months !!! also I have heard very bad reviews about F&Y :(

    99labels - I had a decent experience here.

    Craftsvilla - The best online experience so far !!!

    Porkdaisy - Heard it is good though I haven't ordered anything so far.

  31. Following you :-)
    Please do follow me if you like!

  32. zatz:-) will chk out ur blog :-) Thank u



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