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The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion Review

I got this Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion as a birthday gift from my friend this April. I wanted to get this one as it says it helps in reducing or preventing stretch marks and also is very moisturizing. Since I knew that Bio Oil is not available in India, I wanted to use this temporarily. I have been using this lotion since then and half of the bottle is still left for use.

What made me buy this?

My stretching skin due to pregnancy made me look out for really good moisturizers and my trust on this brand 'The Body Shop'  made me just go for this one. The Body Shop claims this is one of their best sellers. 

"Every 20 seconds, somebody somewhere buys a bottle of this lotion, one of our first and still one of our most popular product. It works wonders on really dry skin. Containing Community Trade cocoa butter."

You can see that still half is left over..

Main Ingredients

Also this lotion has cocoa butter and glycerin that are really good moisturizers for the skin.

Look and Feel

This hand and body lotion is really flowy and is a light brown color lotion. One annoying aspect of the lotion is the smell. Initially I just felt it is not very pleasant but day by day I felt the smell is very disturbing, rather than disturbing I would say it was unbearable. Just because of the moisturizing effect I still have this lotion else I would have thrown this away for its horrible smell. I couldn’t related or compare this smell to anything but all I can say is before you plan to get this please try smelling it and then take a decision.

How it Works?

I have a dry skin and I can’t even imagine going out without using a moisturizer for my skin. This lotion is absolutely moisturizing and once I apply it in the morning I need not worry about dryness at all. I would say this gives 100% moisturization to my skin. My skin looks shiny and feels soft and supple through out the day.

Gets absorbed quickly and completely non-sticky. A little amount is sufficient and hence this goes a long way. You can see the quantity that is left after using this for almost everyday for the past 5-6 months. So roughly this one bottle would last for a year.

After spreading completely..

Just because of the smell I am waiting for this bottle to get over and I am very clear that I will not buy this again. If at all they could change or improve the fragrance then this would be my regular moisturizer until I find a better one.

Worth the money?

Yes, if you don’t mind the smell. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion costs Rs.745 for 250 ml. I would say best deal for a moisturizer that would last for such a long period of time.This 250 ml bottle lasts for almost a year !!!!


  1. Priya gifted this to you???

  2. good review aarthi..:)

  3. @ HD

    He he.. No.. Her name is Chithra :)

  4. @ Bhumika

    Thank you :)

  5. Ohh, I understand what you mean. It is very difficult to use prdts that don't smell as nice. I am somehow getting through my Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks myself :)

    U cld try adding some essential oil to the lotion to take care of the smell. Try it out with a spoonful of lotion first and if it smells good you can add it to the entire bottle.

  6. Saw this the other day and your review has convinced me.

  7. @ Tanveer

    Oh thanks for the tip. I will try it for sure :)

    @ Sonia

    Convinced you to buy this or not buy this ?

  8. Sonia,

    If you have got let me know whether u liked the smell..

  9. Aarthi..I have this - 2 bottles :D :D :D I don't mind the smell so much - it would be great if they could change it, yes - but really it goes after a while...the moisturizer is just superb for my dry skin so I guess I will just hold my nose and buy it again :D

  10. I have the body butter.. I just can't stand the smell and I've not used it :D

  11. @ Rads

    Initially the smell didn't bother me much but now a days I take very little quantity so that the smell isn't too strong or just too much so that I can finish the bottle soon ;). If you could bear with this smell then it is a great product.

  12. @ Priya,

    Hope the body butter is not as bad or strong as the body lotion :(

  13. Aarthi did it help with the stretch marks? I have terrible ones on my hands! so wanted to know it this works cause summer is approaching, I dont feel like I need the body butter.. so..

  14. No Ik.. Not at all.. All these creams and oils are used to only prevent them to some extent:( Bio oil helps to lighten it though. You can see the review here

  15. Yeah but then its not available here na?

  16. @ Ik

    Yup :( If you have friends or relatives overseas, u can ask someone to bring it for u :)



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