Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bourjois Elastic Mascara Review

I have been craving for this mascara ever since they made an announcement about its launch. As soon as they launched it I was at their counters for this mascara and Bourjois Rose Exclusif Gloss. I tried both, loved both and bought both :) To be mentioned this is my first purchase from Bourjois and I am really in love with this brand already.

What made me buy this?

Initially their ads that displayed the cute looking mascara tube and wand along with a model whose lashes were really really long !!!! Also it claims to have stretchable formula that gives 130% more visible length to the lashes.

Elastic formula enriched with hevea. Stretches to form extensions beyond the tip of lashes. Opthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.”

When I searched for “hevea” in google the results said it is nothing but rubber!!!!! What is rubber doing in a mascara??? I am still wondering. Might be this rubber gives the elasticity what they ;)

Look and Feel

The slim black tube is really attractive, I would say the packaging looks just perfect for a mascara and what it claims – The lid has a really long holder :). The brush is also lengthy enough that it is so comfortable to hold and apply. Gives a nice grip. If you are a person who goes with good packaging then you would blindly pick this up.

How it works?

This works perfectly on my lashes. I guess it is water proof [not mentioned anywhere in the tube though] and just 1-2 swipes makes my lashes pretty and long. 130% more visible length is what they claim but that sounds really funny. It doesn’t give me such a length to my lashes but does a decent job. Does not clump and does not irritate my eyes at all.

Sorry for the bad pics :(

I was using Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara all these days so when compared to Maybelline I like Bourjois better. It gives a nice black color to the lashes as well. Since the mascara was a bit thick, I mean like water proof ones I was a bit skeptic whether removing this would be a problem but no. I just use little coconut oil to wipe it off and everything came off completely without causing any irritation or discomfort. I just found 2 lashes in the cotton swab I used, so next time I am planning not to be very hard on my lashes.

On contradiction I heard few really cribbing about this product saying this causes irritation to the eyes. Though it says it has been opthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers this is a common complaint I hear from few co-bloggers. So if you think you have sensitive eyes do try it before you buy this one.

Worth the Money?

Yes. Bourjois Elastic Mascara costs Rs.550 and I don’t mind the price for the effect it shows on my eyes. It really opens up my eyes and I love this product. Until I find a better one I will stick on to this mascara for sure.


  1. Actually you are one of the few positive reviews I have read for this!!!!! Good thing it worked for you na..and maybe you should use some eyemakeup remover for this rather than coconut oil...though I have never lost any lashes but I never use waterproof mascara either :D

  2. HEY thanks for the "positive" review...I actually am eyeing a few of their products but as per ur advice will definitely try it out at the counter before splurging

  3. hmm..i have heard mixed reviews of this..will still look for it..or may be wait for anju to spend on it:D

  4. @ Rads

    Ya I am glad that it worked for me. This time I'll try removing using my ELF eye makeup remover pads. Even I usually don't go for waterproof ones. This was my first waterproof mascara :)

  5. @ indianmakeupways

    Ya ya.. Pls try before you get it :) Hope this one works for you as well :)

  6. @ Anamika

    Just try it once to know whether it suits u or not :)

  7. Like Rads said, even for me this is one of the first positive reviews I have read.. Glad it worked out for, I guess I'll just have to try this one out to decide :)

  8. @ Tanveer

    Mixed reviews !!!!

    If this clicks for you then you will love it to the core :)

  9. There are 3 things that I'm eyeing at Bourjois now.. This mascara, gloss and a blush..

  10. @ Priya

    Which blush is tht?????? ;)

  11. It's Bourjois Lilas D'or #33.. I hrd its a close dupe of Nars Orgasm.. Gonna chk t out dis weekend..

  12. @ Priya

    Wow.. Tell me your views on that on Monday :)

  13. Glad it worked so well for you but coz of the mixed reviews I am sceptical abt it...

  14. @ HD

    Try it once before you buy it :) What if you really like it??????

  15. These days I'm preferring lash curlers over mascara.Somehow the chemicals in mascara are making my lashes shed like crazy.

  16. I am yet to try any lash curler Sonia. My lashes are already curvy so all I need is a dark shade and length :)

  17. hey was this the mascara you were recommending me? btw guess what my current mascara finally started working for me.i will post a review on it soon :D

  18. @ Ezzy

    Ya.. This is the one..:) Wow great tht it works :)

  19. Hi
    I have the Lilas D'or blusha believe me it is just so does not matter wjhether it is Nars dupe orn is WOOOOOOWWW. Go grab it as soon as possible. I shall do a review at my blog soon...
    Check this out

  20. @ Anu

    Thanks for sharing :) Will chk it out :)

  21. i was waiting for the review
    had to stockup some mascara :)
    but still ??? m confused

  22. Try it.. Try it.. but MAC guru using some other brand ;)



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