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ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

First I came across this Nail Polish Remover Pads at IMBB and I really wanted to try it. Since we don’t get ELF products in Chennai I had asked my sister to send this for me. The box was much smaller than I had imagined and I was not very convinced initially but now I don’t regret buying these.

What made me buy this?

As I mentioned earlier a co-blogger tempted me to buy this one. I would say that is when I came to know about this brand ELF. When I checked out their website I found the products to be reasonably priced so I just decided to give it a try. Another reason I wanted to buy these pads is that this was the first time I came across such nail polish removal pads. All this while I was using normal nail polish remover with cotton pads/swabs and this product was quite a different one.


Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Hexyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol


Use saturated pad to gently rub polish from all nails.


Flammable. Keep away from children. Exposed pad may damage furniture or clothing."

Source : Back of the ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads box.

Look and Feel

The saturated pads are really small that would occupy only half of the space when placed in the palm and also the pads made of cotton are really thin and sleek. When I started using this I thought my one hand will need 1 pad, then I corrected that 1 pad would remove nail polish from both the hands, but finally this little cotton pad removed nail polish from both my hands and legs to my surprise.

This pad does not give a fresh and chilling effect like the other nail polish removers do rather while rubbed on my nails it has an oily effect. The smell is neither bad nor good and is just negligible but not at all citrusy as mentioned in the box. The pads don’t seem to dry very easily so my guess is it would last long. Each box has 18 pads cute little pads in it.

How it works?

Two coats of my polish does not vanish in just one swipe. I have to swipe few times to remove the polish completely. This doesn’t disappoint me much coz of the other pros with this product. This can be carried around easily and can be used any time – during travel or even during any trips.

Nail Polish
Clean Nails after removing the polish

Though it is oily, it leaves my nails squeaky clean and I feel the oiliness helps in moisturizing as well but until I wash my hands I feel my finger tips are a bit oily.This even removes the glitters in my polish which my usual nail polish remover leaves back in my nails for another few days.

Worth the Money?

ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads costs USD 1 for 18 pads, approximately Rs.45 while roughly converted to Indian currency. Yes I would say this is worth the money and also one of the best deals I have come across so far.


  1. Hey i have seen this so many times at the elf counter but never thought of buying it. next time will give it a shot. good review

  2. I am a nail art addict and surely will lay my hands on these beauties:)

  3. I tend to feel lazy to apply nail paint because of the pain involved in taking it off. This sounds like a good solution :)

  4. @indianmakeupways

    Ya.. not very expensive to give a try :)

  5. @ Anamika

    Then you should be having this with you for sure Anamika :) I have still not gained confidence with eye makeup and nail art :(

  6. @ Tanveer

    Lazy like me.. he he.. this is for us Tanveer ;)

  7. Hey I just gave you a blog award check it here

  8. Hey I totally second whatever u say about these nail polish remover pads :) I got them after reading a review on IMBB and I like it a lot...The citrus scent is just an eyewash,apart from that I think they are a steal :)

  9. It took me few mins to realize whr I have landed ;). For sure, I have no comments... Came here to say Hi :)

  10. @ Sonia

    Thank you so much. Will take it up soon :)

  11. @ Appu

    Exactly Appu. Anyways I don't expect a fragrance from my nail polish remover so it can be neglected :)

  12. @ CM-Chap

    Ha ha.. Got lost for a sec? How are you doing? Will chk out your blog :)

  13. hey good review!
    will definatly check this out!

  14. @ Priyam

    Thanks Priyam :)



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