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Maybelline Whitestay UV Compact Review

This post is for Sonia again, as she wanted to know about this compact. Are you there Sonia?

I got this compact while my Revlon one had completely hardened and it was no longer a pressed powder but a pressed!!! I got the Maybelline Compact in Nude, which was perfect for my skin tone. This is my daily use compact that I carry with me wherever I go.

What made me buy this?

This compact says that it is a fairness compact powder that has SPF 18. Also claims to give Glowing finish instantly, Skin stays flawless and fresh all day long and has Silky soft texture.

"Glowing Finish Instantly
  • Vitamin C brightens skin tone instantly for visible fairness that lasts all day
  • SPF 18 UV filters protect from skin darkening
Skin stays flawless and fresh all day long
  • Hides dark spots and imperfections for a flawless natural look
  • Oil free powder keeps skin feeling fresh through the day
Silky soft texture
  • Ultra fine powder spreads easily and smoothly onto skin
  • Lightweight and mild, this powder is suitable for everyday use
Dermatologically tested, Allergy tested, Won’t clog pores"

I was really taken away with all the above lines in the box and just grabbed one for me.
Look and Feel

This is a soft pressed powder that easily glides on the skin as it claims. The packaging is neat in a typical white pressed powder box with a mirror in the lid. The applicator that comes along helps in even and smooth application and the compact is just perfect to be carried around. As mentioned in their carton this works as a compact for everyday use. This is ideal for working women who rush in the morning to work.
How it Works?
Once I apply my moisturizer I just dab this on my face and neck and I am done. A little product would be sufficient, taking too much sometimes gives me a whitish look. It is a light powder but does not help in hiding dark spots. 

Though it gives a natural look it does not stay all day long. I re-apply this once or twice again to retain the natural fresh look on me. It does not clog my pores as well. Like any other powder it does not leave my skin oily. Also I don’t think this prevents skin from darkening. It is just a light pressed powder and nothing much can be expected out of this.

This can be used purely for everyday use and not for any special occasion, as this wouldn’t make much significant difference.

Worth the Money?

Perfectly. This costs Rs.150 for 9.8 gms. Very pocket friendly powder for everyday use. This lasts for more than 3 months. I would have been surprised if it had done all it claimed [anti-darkening, hiding dark spots] for this price. So it just works as a plain powder that gives instant natural and fresh look for approximately 3-4 hrs.


  1. i was pleasantly surprised with this product. it actually gives me coverage and evens out my skin tone! love the fragrance too. but i won't repurchase. i had fun with it while it lasted (used two compacts)

  2. Nice that you liked it Rima :) Im yet to get bored with this ;)

  3. Hey you remembered.Thanks Aarthi.This one definitely seems worth the price.What about their shades selection?Also I was wondering whether SPF in a compact really works or are all the products cashing in on our sun phobia?

  4. They have 4 or 5 shades I guess Sonia. I think you can try the right shade for you before you buy. He he.. SPF thing doesn't help much :(

  5. I used this too for some time, till all the buffing and blending required to make it look natural got the better of me. Now I just stick with TM that are easier to blend. But this is gr8 as an on-the-go emergency product to freshen up your look :)

  6. Hey..I too have been trying this and its working on me fab.

  7. Maybelline does not have Dream Matte powder in Chennai.. So i'm very upset with them.. But that does not stop me from buying other things ;) This product has never interested me cuz they give it free wid your purchase.. I got one free as well, probably I shd use it and c :D

    Nice review

  8. @ Tanveer

    Sometimes even I find it a bit difficult to blend it well and my hubby gives a scared look ;) Until I get bored with this I think I
    will keep experimenting ;)

  9. @ Anamika

    You know this product is a hit for few and a miss for few !!!! This is the first product of tht kind I've come across :) Good that this works for u :)

  10. @ Priya

    Ya true, even I got a different shade as a compliment but I didn't get it as it looked so horrible on me... that was not at all the shade for my skin tone :( But try yours, you might really like it, you may not know ;)



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