Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ELF Studio Brush Collection - Quick Look

I don't have a proper brush for my make up kit so thought I should get a brush set soon. That is when I came across the ELF Studio Line 11 Piece Brush Collection. This comes in a professional black pouch that has eleven brushes in it. I think this would be more than sufficient for us to complete a perfect make up.

The Pouch

The brushes are really soft and comfortable to use. I haven't started using this yet, just tried a few a couple of times. So here are all the brushes in the kit and will review these soon.

Neatly Packed Brushes

Lets see the brushes one by one.
1.Complexion Brush
Can be used for applying loose powders, pressed powders, blush and bronzers.

2.Fan Brush

This brush can be used to wipe or dust any makeup mistakes. Also can be used to apply loose powders.

3.Concealer Brush

Can be used with any cream products like concealer, foundations, primer and eye shadows.

4.Small Smudge Brush

Can be used to apply thick eyeliners and eye shadows.

5.Angled Foundation Brush

As the name suggests this brush would be ideal to apply foundation.

6.Powder Brush

Can be used to apply loose powder and powder blush.

7.Small Angled Brush

Can be used to apply lip liner, lipstick and also for eyebrows and line the eyes.

8.Small Precision Brush

Can be used to apply concealer, lip color and eye liner.

9.Eyeshadow "C" Brush

Can be used to blend eyeshadows.

10.Blush Brush

Can be used to apply blush and bronzer.

11.Contour Brush

Can be used for applying colors along the lash line.

The entire ELF Studio Brush Collection costs USD $30 where as these brushes seperately costs $3 each.

Have you used ELF Studio Line brushes before?


  1. They look great! I've wanted the powder brush since forever. U can use it to apply foundation too.
    Loving the price :)


  2. @ Cynthia

    Im still drooling over ur pink brushes :)

  3. Your sister sent this? Lovely brushes!!!!!!!!!! Me so much wanting that foundation brush!! :(

  4. @ Cali

    Ya sis got this for me :)

  5. Wow, I wish they would start selling these here too! :D

  6. @ Tanveer

    Heard it is available in B'lore and Pune :)

  7. LOoks tempting Aarthi...whats the price????

  8. @ Jomol

    The entire collection is $30 and each brush individually costs $3. Have mentioned it though :) Not aware of the cost in INR :(

  9. loving dem !! drooling..

  10. @ bhumika

    Pick atleast a couple of these brushes, I tried the eye shadow brush and I really like it :)

  11. wow ya drooling ova these brushes and the price is like perfect..

  12. @ Butterfly

    Yaa. I felt the same too :)

  13. hey aarthi can u plz temme whr did u get these from..

  14. @ Butterfly

    My sister ordered these online.

    If you are in India then
    I don't think they have this entire set. If you go to 'Tools' then you can find few of the brushes there but they don't belong to the studio line :(

    Lemme know whether this was helpful.

  15. hi aarthi the indian site is not workin..yaar now i so want them..

  16. @ Butterfly

    Which ones u want? Mail me. And where do you live in India? Ill see whether I can send them but can you wait till my sis comes [Dec mid]??

  17. HI. Stumbled on your blog today. Any idea how to go about ordering on the India site?

  18. Hi Anuyaulpe,

    This is one site I know where you can order Indian cosmetics.

    Since I don't buy products online I am not sure about their service or anything. Cross verify and then decide to buy.

    Have a great time shopping :)

  19. bulbul30/10/10

    hi aarthi, i hav seen elf products in their websites. pity we dont get them here.

  20. Hey Bulbul,

    Thats true. Wish we get it here soon :)

  21. Awesome set of brushes, you have! Seriously, drool worthy!!
    Wow... I have heard so much about ELF products but I could never buy them. I wish I can buy some, but there is simply no means. My cousin returned from U.S. but I had no idea about her return so I couldn't ask her to buy some for me. I missed a chance! *sigh*
    Do you know a way by which I can buy elf products? I don't care if I have to pay extra. It's just frustrating to read reviews of such amazing things when you can't buy them!
    - Mahak

    1. Hi Mahak,

      My sis got these for me from US and I am not sure where in India we would get ELF products. I vaguely remember somebody saying they could spot elf products in Do check it out once :)



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