Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lakme Eye Artist Review

During my casual shopping spree few months back I bumped into the Lakme counter to get the Lakme Aquashine Lip Color in Old Rose. I’ve been craving for this gloss and never intended to buy anything else (as usual) but then the SA showed me this Lakme Eye Artist Pen. She just applied one stroke on my eyes and I fell in love with this that I got one for myself immediately. [Again as usual :)]

What made me buy this?

Before I tell you about what made me buy this let me share that I am a novice when it comes to eye makeup. All I can do is apply kajal and mascara without any mistakes. I’ve been trying to use liquid liners and it works some time and it doesn’t most of the time. The SA told me that this pen really helps in applying eyeliner easily.

When the SA applied it on my lids and showed the result to me I was sold. She applied a thin line and when I asked her to make it thick, it looked perfect. So I tried it on my other eye and to my surprise it was not bad. Also, I got the confidence that even I can use eyeliners often :P

Look and Feel

The Lakme Eye Artist Pen looks like a simple black pen when the lid is closed. When I opened the lid, it looked like a sketch pen / highlighter in black. Though the tip looks sharp, it is soft and does not hurt the eyes when applied. I was able to easily glide this pen on my lids without making any mess. The line that I drew was unusually neat and followed the natural curve of my eyes.

Color pay off was also good, though it is not those blackest black types I still loved it for what it did.

How it works?

This pen belongs to their Bridal Sutra collection launched in 2009. I really regret for not knowing about this for such a long time.

From Lakme – “Outline, define and intensify your eyes in one easy stroke. Bring out the artist in you. Create wings or bold, structured eyes. Eye Artist is a unique foam tip eyeliner pen that gives you complete control and precise lining so you can experiment till you get that ultimate, dynamic look

A tip for long lasting use :)
I am surprised as this is the first time I came across a product that did all what it claims!!!! Lakme Eye Artist Pen helps one to have a complete control and thus provides a perfect lining to the eyes. Again this is the best eyeliner to experiment all different looks that is possible. I don’t use it on my waterline but I tried it both on my upper and lower lash lines and my eyes looked perfect.

Worth the Money?

Lakme Eye Artist costs Rs.375 and it is available only in one shade – Black. Though the price is a bit expensive for an eyeliner I love this one for what it does and the price doesn’t bother me at all. I will say this is a must buy if you are still struggling with your liquid liner.


  1. Yet to try this out, but it sounds nice. Even Old Rose gets a lot of good feedback. Both sound like awesome prdts :)

  2. hey loved the review. if u r looking for control over ur eyeliner. give the body shop eyeliners a shot. am absolutely in love with them

  3. @ Tanveer

    I am in love with this Tanveer trust me :) Absolutely in love with Old Rose as well :)

  4. @IMW

    Welcome back from your trip :) Will try the TBS one soon. Thanks for suggesting :) You've got awesome eyes :)

  5. hey great review, well i have a suggestion if you are interested in something blackest black, try the chambor one, it has something as blackest black, pretty much at the same price, and the staying power is good

  6. @ Rentu,

    Thank you Rentu. Yes I love the blackest black :) on my eyes. Once I bcum an expert in application I shall try this for sure :) Already TBS is thr in "To Try" list ;) My list is getting bigger day by day.

  7. this is actually a very nice eyeliner but it just always creases and spreads on my eyelid :(
    Like the moment I apply it spreads. do you face the same problem?

  8. wow this is such an awesome solution! especially for ppl like me hehe i cant apply eyeliner properly to save my life

  9. hi aarthi got this one and m simply loving it..i know its not like the blackest black..but still it looks gud sometimes..

  10. @Ezzy

    It does not spread or crease for me Ezzy. At the same time my lids are not oily so that might b the reason :|

  11. @ Gowri

    You know what these days [80%] my eyeliner looks normal ;) I was surprised myself !!!!!

  12. @ Butterfly

    Yaaaa me too loving this :)

  13. Nice! I have added lakme and chambor to my list when I visit india! Glad i stubbled upon your blog.

  14. @ AEMAB

    Glad it was helpful to u :)

  15. Hey haven't tried it out as yet but really want to!!

  16. Hi, gone through your blog the whole day today..glad to know that you are in you know other blogs written by chennai girls...
    anyways i got this eyeliner 2 monthsback, based on how it was rated by fellow bloggers so much...its amazing product except that im not able to draw it on my eyes with perfection it kind of sharp don't you think ......

  17. @ Rakhshanda

    Ya do try it and let me know how u liked it :)

  18. @ SSG

    Thanks for spending your time here and I am really happy about it :)

    You can see my blogroll for the co-bloggers but not anyone specifically from Chennai :)

    Somehow this works well for me and I don't find any difficulty at all :)

  19. Aarthi! If this works, I will love you to death for having cured my wobbly eyeliner woes!

    Trying this very soon :)

  20. @ROC

    I really hope this works for u :) All the Best ;)



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