Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mini Haul [< Rs.500]

I was so bored not shopping anything for a while, so just went for a drive to the nearby ice cream parlour and asked my hubby to take me to Health and Glow. Be it big or small shopping does make a big difference, that too to a shopaholic like me ;) So here are the products I got during this sudden unplanned shopping and I am sharing this small happiness with all you guys :)

Cool & Cool Mini Tissues

My mini tissues pack got over and thus wanted to get a small pack to be carried in my handbag. This pack has 10 tissues that costs Rs.12. As mentioned in the pack the tissues are soft and gentle so that it can be used as facial tissues as well. Also it has a mild pleasant fragrance.

Anne French Hair Remover Cream

Since I saw the new Anne French ad I wanted to give it a try. I have used Anne French when I was in my school. Slowly I stopped using it, I don't remember the reason though. All I could remember was the bad smell then, so hoping the same would have got rectified I got this small jar for sensitive skin [Aloe Vera]. This tiny 40 gm jar costs Rs.45. I feel this is a good deal for trial purpose.

Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

Though I have my MAC and ELF wipes I always prefer carrying wet wipes with me either in my bag or in the car. It has been more than a month so I got these Kara wipes. 10 wipes costs Rs.45. The one I got was deep pore cleansing wipes with jojoba and avacado.

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

This Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm is supposed to lighten and even out lip tones. Though I use beetroot and my Burts Bee's lip balm I was really tempted to try this one. The cream is in brick red color and on application is leaves a orangish color on my lips. This small 16 gms tub costs Rs.99.

Lakme Black Satin Kajal

Since my Biotique Kajal is about to get over and also hearing people rave about this Lakme kajal I thought this was the right time to pick it up. This product is really amazing and the color pay off is really dark, the darkest black anyone would love. The Lakme Black Satin Kajal costs Rs.150.


I got a small packet of daily use bindis. My hubby likes these diya shaped maroon bindis so I just blindly picked this packet that costs Rs.20.


  1. u r rt! big or small a haul is a haul. by the way review the lakme kajal ....would love to know

  2. my fav is the kajal and the tissues, completely handy

  3. Cute li'l haul Aarthi..

    I recently bought the Biotique fruit lip balm and its working well for me :-)

  4. I love shopping for small skin/hair care products ... They do not make me feel as guilty! :P

  5. nice products... i love watching pocket frndly hauls... hehehe.... 2day i also brought some Bindis for Nail art... yeyy !!

  6. hey loved ur haul..i have dos kara wipes..n anne french in a bottle..wont it be problematic to use frm a bottle ?
    n try d bio berry lip balm...d plumpin 1..

  7. bulbul2/11/10

    hey aarthi, i mailed u a few days ago. but u did not reply:-(

  8. great stuff. me too will get this lakme kajal when i come to india next. anyways I had no idea we get cool & cool over there that too with the arab lettered package :P

    How you doing anyway? when's your due date?

  9. @ Anamika

    Thank You :)

  10. @ IMW

    Sure my next review would be Lakme Satin Kajal :)

  11. @ Rentu

    True I cant survive without these :)

  12. @ Butterfly

    Thank you :)

  13. @ GGG

    Wow.. Hope it works for me as well :)

  14. @ Tanvi

    Me too not at all guilty ;)

  15. @ Deeptima

    Ya true.. Pocket friendly so not guilty ;)
    Bindis for nail art!!! Wow wanna see tht :)

  16. @ Bhumika

    I usually dont used creams, just wanted to give it a try as they said "improved formula" and it works well. So far no prob with the tiny bottle :)

    Thanks for suggesting the bio berry lip balm.. will try it :)

  17. @bulbul

    Oops sorry :( Was busy with scan and Dr consultation, will chk now and reply immedly :)

  18. @ Ezzy

    He he ;)

    Thanks Sweetie :) Im doing good. Due date is 10th but might expect the baby anytime from now !!!!

  19. Aww!! cute haul. :)) Glad you picked up the Lakme Kajal. It's amazing. :)

  20. nice haul dear, i too had one couple of days back :)

  21. @ Rati

    Thank You :) Ya I really like the kajal :) Thanks to you :)

  22. @ Beautydiva

    Wow.. a haul always makes a diff.. isn't it :)

  23. loved your haul.I have the same lip balm from biotique .

  24. @Sumi

    Thank You :) You like the lip balm?

  25. Anonymous11/11/10

    Hi Aarthi, luved ur sarees. Could u please tell me where u bought the black cotton silk saree. I wanted to buy one just like that for my sister who is very fond of black.

  26. Hi,

    Got the saree from a small boutique near my place. Are you from Chennai?

  27. Anonymous2/7/11 paru..21 years old ...from cochin...and i am a great fan of urs..ive been reading imbb and ur posts are my favorites...ur like an inspiration to me....i wasnt very interested in makeup and stuff but my would be is he has been trying to make me a shopaholic and now i am loving it...loved ur watch collection and bangle collection...i have a mini collection starting with wearing salwar suits and sarees now that i am out of hoping u cud help me out there. could u post a blog bout ur sarees and salwars???

  28. Hi Paru,

    First of all thanks for loving my posts and reviews :D Congrats on graduating and I would be happy to do a post on clothing but do let me know what do you expect from the post. You just want to see my collection or you want any shopping suggestion? Please tell me so that I can help you better :)



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