Monday, November 8, 2010

Short Note - Few Updates

Hi All,

It is exactly 3 months since I started this blog and I have enjoyed each and every minute here along with your encouragement and support. I like to thank all of you here who have enjoyed this space as much as I did and also for your awesome response and valid suggestions. Thank you ladies :)

I wanted to update few things here and they are

1.Wish you and your family and very happy and prosperous Diwali :) Wish this Diwali brings you all luck and all that you have wished for :)

2.As most of you know I am expecting my first kid any time soon. This 10th is my due date and God only knows when I'll get the labour pain. So after my delivery I am not sure when I can be back here. So till then I request you all to hold back and wait for sometime. Thank you.

3.As blogrolling has ceased their operation I have removed the widget from my blog. Though I remember most of your blog links I might miss few of your links. So kindly apologize and please mail me your blog links to

4.Another sweet lil award from a co-blogger Beauty Diva. Thanks a lot sweetie :) She has got an awesome blog space, do check it out. I am passing on this award to all my co-bloggers as everyone is special and important to me.

Till we catch up again. Love you all and Take Care :)


  1. its all good!! you just relax and take care of yourself & the baby :) will miss you !!

  2. Awwww...take care...and loads of hugs :)

  3. All the best Aarthi for a beautiful, healthy, happy baby :)

  4. It is always a pleasure reading your blog.. I will wait for future posts - you take your time :)

    All the best to the entire family & you, take care! God bless :)

  5. @ Ezzy

    Hugs.. Will miss you all :(

  6. @ Ki

    Thanks a lot and Advance Wishes for your wedding :)

  7. @ Rads

    Hugs to you :) Thank You :)

  8. @ Tanveer

    Thanks a lot. I am really happy to see all your comments. Love you all :)

  9. wow! congrats! may u have a healthy ,happy, sweetie pie! :D. will surely miss u and hope to c u blogging back soon....

  10. @IMW

    Thank You :) Will come back asap :)

  11. will wait for the good news soon , ask hubby to post the news here or on facebook :)
    love u dear and wish lots of courage

  12. @ Rashmi

    Thank you Rashmi. Will ask hubby to do that for sure :)

  13. hey Aarthi...all the best n take care of urself :)

  14. bulbul8/11/10

    hey, best of luck:-) we all pray to god for ur and ur baby's good health. and come back soon;-)

  15. Congratz :D do a blog abt ur delivery :D

  16. Awww!!! all the besties , aarthi. *hugs* :))

  17. @ HD

    Thank You :)

  18. @ Bulbul

    That is so sweet of you. Thank you dear :)

  19. @ Sugar

    Thank You Sugar :) Fine will do tht :)

  20. @ Rati

    Thank you Rati :) **Hugs**

  21. Anonymous11/11/10

    Congratulations Aarthi!How are you & Howz lil doll doing?

  22. Hi Uzma,

    Both of us are doing fine :)



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