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Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm Review

During my mini haul last month I got this Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm. I already have my Burt's Bees lip balm but still when I saw the cute little tub in H&G store I really wanted to try this one.

What made me buy this?

My upper lip is darker than the lower lip and it always bothers me. Though my lips are well conditioned this color difference always demands a highly pigmented lip gloss / lipstick for my lips to camouflage the uneven color. So the main reason for me to get this lip balm is No 1 - Whitening effect that it claims and No 2 - Cute little tub. Anything cute and tiny I will grab it immediately ;)

It claims to lighten and even out lip tones. Also the box reads it is an ayurvedic product that has fruit extracts which helps in lightening the skin tone. Also the ingredients listed were quiet tempting. So I am listing the same here for you ladies :)


Angur 2%, Vach 1.5%, Mulethi 2%, Badam 1.5%, Surajmukhi 2.5%, Kusumbhi 4%, Til 4.5%, Erandi 12%

Look and Feel

This lip balm comes in a standard biotique tub but just the smaller version of the usual green tubs. This tiny little tub has a white lid inside to avoid spilling and then is the brick red lip balm. The lip balm is a thick cream that smells like fruits and hence could not resist licking while it is on my lips.

The lip balm is a tinted one and on application it leaves a light orangish tint on my lips. Though it doesn't suit me initially, as it lightens it looks natural and neat. After application it feels like my lips are sweating !!!!! Yes this lip balm in contact with body temperature is a bit runny, at the same time does not give a messy look.

How it works?

I use a small brush to take the product and apply as I don't like putting my finger inside the tub and messing it up. It is easy to apply and it just glides on my lips. It smoothens and conditions my lips perfectly but it does not stay on for a very long time :( I have to keep applying it again and again at least once every 2 hrs.

Though the color of the lip balm is not very attractive [It shows that it is an ayurvedic product] the lip balm is sweet and nice on my lips. I have been using this almost everyday since I bought this and I don't see any whitening effect on my lips and neither it evens out the lip tones. So the main purpose of my purchase was not served and that did disappoint me a bit. I am glad that it does good conditioning at least. My lips feel fresh and nice everyday and it never dries out.

Worth the Money?
I am not very sure. If you are looking for a good lip balm then my answer is 'Yes'. The Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm costs Rs.99 for 16g. If you are expecting the whitening effect then my answer is 'No'. So if you have decided to buy this or if you have already got this all you can expect is conditioning but don't expect any change in the lip tone.


  1. hi Aarthi, even my upper lip is a shade darker than my lower lip....i will try this....the price is also ok

  2. exactly..i bought it for d sme purpose as yourself.
    koi ni..can use at home.
    btw nice blog :)

  3. Hi SSG,

    Price is fine but it does nothing to dark lips :(
    So think before you decide to buy this one.

  4. Hi Anshita,

    Most of us feel the same about this product. As you said good to use at home. :)

    Thank You :) Keep visiting :)

  5. ya it doesnt help in whitening..m tryin to find bio berry
    d lip plumping cud nt find it. :(
    nice review aarthi..

  6. Oh ya i rem u were saying abt ths one bhumika. Let me know how it works if u get it :)

    Thank u :)

  7. Hi Aarthi, I didn't know tou had a blog. Now I find your blog a gold mine.
    I also got a biotique lip balm with the SPF 30. Haven't used it too much yet.
    I'm now following you. Wish I entered thios blogger world earlier.

  8. I'm the 40th follower. :)

  9. love the cute tub.... does the whitening work?

  10. Hi Nivedita,

    Nice to see you here. Thanks a looooooot :) Glad that you like this space. Hope you enjoy :) **Hugs**

  11. 40th follower !!! wow.. thx.. :)

  12. Hi anks,

    Love the tub.. he he.. no anks no whitening effect :(

  13. Anonymous15/2/11

    hi, everyone i am an african, though fair in complexion but i have always had this darkened lips which bothers me.i bought this whitenining lip balm in amanana supermarket in chennai while i was on holiday. i av been using this biotique whitening lip balm for about three months and it has whiitened my lips considerably, i now have pink and beautiful lips, dont av to wear lipsticks any
    more.i definitely recomend this product. it works with
    consistent use.

  14. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info. I will keep using this. Also can you tell me how frequently you used this?

  15. Anonymous14/3/11

    My question might sound silly.... even my upper lip is darker than my lower one...
    so does dis have to be applied only on the upper one?

    are there any other option availbale in the markett?

  16. Ha ha.. actually i use it in my upper (pigmented) lip only !!!

    Though there are many conditioning lip balms in the market I haven't come across any whitening ones other than this so far.,

  17. Anonymous16/3/11

    ok thanks.. i wl try this too considering there are no other options available..

    btw hv u tried any of Kaya or vlcc products?

    I can still give vlcc a try but kaya is expensive so just looking for someones feedback before i can go for it :)

  18. I have tried vlcc skin tightening oil/gel and it worked well for me. In Kaya all I have tried is their toner and I was not very happy with it.

  19. Hi...i bought this lipbalm just yesterday but unlike the one which my friend uses, it is completely colourless. I bought the same fruit. The content even looks doesn't have the reddish tinge to it. Mine was manufactured in may2014. Has there been any change in the manufacturing?

    1. It sounds like they have changed the formula from what you are saying Tenzin. Even I haven't tried the new version !



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