Friday, December 10, 2010

Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo Review

My eyebrows are not so thick and dark so I always wanted a good brow pencil. All these days I used to swipe my kajal on my brows and spread it with a brush or my fingers to give a even and dark brows. Though my brows have a decent shape without the thickness it always made my face dull. Finally I got this brow pencil and here is the review for all you ladies :)

What made me buy this?

Actually this was bought by my mum and I grabbed it from her ;) so I didn't buy this. I tried this once on my brows and fell in love with it as it does not give an artificial dark look but a very natural one that no one can guess I have highlighted the brows. Also this comes with a refill and brush at the back to smudge. So this will last me for another few years, so need not worry about getting anything new until then as I am very much happy with what it does.

Look and Feel

This pencil looks stylish in shining blue color matching the colour of the box. This is easy to use. I just swipe it a couple of times that it adds a light colour to the brows. If you need more colour you can swipe it again and again and it will serve the purpose. Another reason I like this is, it does not smudge and hence stays really long until I come home and remove it. This pencil did not cause any allergy or irritation even when I used it as soon as threading my eyebrows.

How it works?

I think I have already mentioned all the necessary points above. I will say it works perfectly fine for me and I think it will for most of us. My trust in this brand and also my personal experience makes me say so. The one I have got is the shade 03-Soft Black to match the natural colour of my brows.

Swatch - 4 swipes
As the name suggests the color is not very intense and that makes the look more natural. It is available in 5 more shades so one can choose from the wide options available, according to their brow's natural colour.

The brush at the back is also good and makes the smudging easy. It is easy to be carried around as it does not take much of space and also does not add much weight. You can find this in my vanity case for sure and also plays an important role in my make up routine.

The refill that comes with this pack is a tiny pencil in a cute transparent case. Loving it, Loving it, Loving it :)

Worth the money?

Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo costs USD 23.50. Though the price is on a higher scale I think it is justified for the brand name, the refill provided and what it does. So for me I say 'Yes' it is worth the money :)


  1. Very informative post ... :-))

  2. hey u r back!!! great review. hows the baby...hope she is doin great!!!

  3. Nyc :D but i love my anastasia brow kit :D ...I'd buy this the next tym :D

  4. hey, put up before and after piccys of your brows na... how are both of you doing btw?

  5. Hi SiB,

    Thank you SiB. Hope you like this space :)

  6. Hi IMW,

    Ya we are doing grt :) I am back but still need more time to get involved completely :(

  7. Hi Sugar,

    I havent heard abt anastasia, might be I'll try that when I get bored with this :)

  8. Hey anks,

    I actually wanted to do that, dono how I forgot.
    Thanks for reminding.:) So how's ur baby doing? How did you cope up during the initial few days.. I really had a tough time :(

  9. hey nice review aarthi..hope ur baby is doing good :)

  10. This looks really good, aarthi. I just use a brown eye shadow for my eyebrows that too only sometimes. But if I have to pick something especially for my brows, i'll consider this. As it is I trust EL products a lot. Thanks a ton for the review. :))

  11. I know aarthi ..this anastasia thing was a gift.... i was like this myt be sum drugstore thingy... but i was like omg wen i saw ther website n reviews online... they specialize on eyebrows only :D

  12. Hi Bhumika,

    Thank you :) Ya she is doing good :) Making me stay awake all night and playing with me :)

  13. Hi Rati,

    Even I never thought of getting one for my brows until I saw this in my mom's bag ;)

  14. Sugar,

    Really !!!!! So nice of the person whoever gifted u :) Lucky you. Will chk out their website :)

  15. This sounds great, but the price...sigh


  16. Ya Cynth Price is a bit high :(



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