Wednesday, December 15, 2010

H2O Plus Milk Body Lotion Review

The H2O Plus Milk Body Lotion came with the Nourishing Milk Bath Trio that had a hand and nail cream and shower gel along with this body lotion. This kit was on a sale and I got it dirt cheap!!!! I don't remember the price now and also the same kit is now available in larger quantity along with a body scrub. Go here to see the same. I had no idea about how this would be when I got it and now to know my experience read further :)

What made me buy this?

I have a dry skin and my hunt for a good moisturizer is still on and that is the reason I try so many bath products and moisturizers. This was one among that after my H2O Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream. I really liked the previous one except for the smell and also I prefer body lotions to body butter and thus I ended up opening this kit and to start using this.

Key Ingredients

It claims to have milk proteins and vitamins.

What does it promise?

A luxuriously creamy body lotion rich in nourishing milk proteins and milk thistle to help replenish depleted moisture and soften skin.

Look and Feel

As mentioned in the tube it is a creamy body lotion but that gets quickly absorbed and hence no need to keep rubbing it for a while :) It is neither as thick as a cream nor as flowy as a body lotion but inbetween both. Skin feels soft and moisturized after application and also the smell is pleasant and not very strong. It has a mild smell of milk powder and that makes me feel that I smell like a baby ;) Yes I really like the fragrance.

This comes in a sleek tube that is hygenic to be used. The lid is also intact and hence no chance for the product to leak or come out. To match the 'milk' theme the tube is in plain white color with black letters in it. The nozzle dispenses the right amount every time, I mean we can have control over how much product is coming out. Hence no ozzing out and no mess.

How it works?

As I apply it on my skin my skin just drinks it up. Ya, it gets absorbed really quickly. Skin feels smooth and moisturized after applying the lotion. This lotion does not give intense moisturization and hence might not satisfy the ones with extremely dry skin and also might not suffice during winters. I have to apply this atleast twice everyday to keep my skin moisturized as I feel the effect goes in 4-5 hrs during this rainy season. So I am planning to keep this for the summers.

The fragrance is really really good. I am not sure how many will like the fragrance of milk powder but at the same time this does not have pure milky smell but a mix of other fragrances as well. I like the frangrance as it is not very strong and also soothing.

Worth the money?

If you got this in a sale then 'Yes'. Else we have better body lotions in the market that works better than this and is cheaper as well. The price of H2O Plus Milk Body Lotion is $19.50 for 355 ml tube. The one that comes in the kit is just 100 ml.

My Rating - 3.5/5

1 point taken for the price.
0.5 point taken for not being an all time lotion but being a seasonal [summer] body lotion for my dry skin.


  1. thnx for the review dear..

  2. Thanks Bhumika :)

  3. Welcome Butterfly :)

  4. will try this. any idea where is it available in delhi?

  5. Hi Vivre,

    I know this is available in Delhi.. but not sure where :P I am from Chennai so no idea :(



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