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Fabindia Coral Glow Face Pack Review

This was the most raved about face pack I have ever come across, so I thought I should give it a try. During my mini fabindia purchase I made sure I got this. I liked the container in which the face pack was kept and this is the first face pack that I am buying as I always use my HG Home Made Face Pack which never let me down and made me go to the stores looking for one :)


The extracts of coral, real pearls, aloe vera and alum deep cleanse, cool and clarify the skin, giving it a radiant glow.
Key Ingredients - Liquorice, Alum, Oak, Aloe Vera, Coral Powder, Pearl Powder.
Directions to use - Mix a spoonful of facepack with milk for dry skin and curd for oily skin. Apply on face, neck and arms in upward direction. Leave on for 7-8 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

This face pack comes in a powder form. I just take 2 spoons of this powder and mix it in milk and apply it on my face and neck for 10 mins. The powder is sealed in a zip-lock bag and they have provided a small wooden spoon which helps to take the powder out without digging the hands in the bag. 

I prefer the powder to be in the plastic bag and hence I did not transfer it to the container. After 10 mins I wash it with lukewarm water and my skin feels soft and fresh. This is a really quick face pack and can be used whenever you are in hurry and you need a fresh look in 10 mins.

Though I am very happy with my home made face pack I still use this as the preparation is very simple and quick. Effects are not as good as I see when I use my HM face pack. Fabindia face pack does not remove tan and that is what is lacking in this. The powder smells like a milk powder and I am liking it :)

  • Really a simple and quick face pack.
  • Does a good job. [If I had not found my HG Home Made Face Pack this would have taken its place]
  • Skin feels soft, fresh and it gives a glow.
  • I really liked the idea of providing a spoon with this pack. (see pic below)
  • Powder smells mild and good like a milk powder.
  • Powder is neatly sealed in a zip-lock bag. Hence no spillage or wastage.
  • Easily available in all Fabindia stores.
  • This tub lasts me for more than a month even if used daily.

  • Once opened, the lid cannot be closed completely (as shown in the pic below).
  • For the above reason it cannot be taken with us during travel.
  • It does not remove tan whereas my home made pack does.


The price of Fabindia Coral glow face pack is Rs.250 for 100gms.


The Fabindia Coral Glow Face Pack is a really good product that is worth the money and yes I will buy this again so that I can use this when I don't have much time to prepare my home made face pack.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. even i love this face pack. i know it doesn't remove tan.but it does give a nice glow to the face :)

  2. i have been wanting to try this

  3. Try it Rentu.. You won't be disappointed.

  4. i also want to try this..wud get it next tym may be..

  5. Looks good :)

    btw, mailed you!

  6. @ Bhumika

    Try it and I am sure you will like it :)

  7. @ Ki

    Will chk it :)

  8. Every other blogger has tempted me to try this :) Will pick it up when I am in India for sure! I have a big FabIndia list. Planning to try some of their oils as well :)

  9. Kuhu is all good.... how is neya doing? whats new with her these days?

  10. @ Appu,
    Oils?? which one. My favs from Fabindia is their avocado shampoo, protein conditioner and this face pack :)

  11. @ Anks,

    Nice to know that :) Neya is fine too. She is kicking fast and trying to talk, ending up making all funny noise ;)

  12. I was using this product.. its really nice, is there anyway of getting it through courier, and whom i can contact?

  13. Ya Divya. It is a nice product and sorry I have no idea about shipping :(

  14. Hi aarthi, Nice blog you have got here, Love your blog...I am new to blogging. Which fabindia branch did you shop these in chennai??

    I am following you now....

  15. Hey Thank You :) Welcome here and to the blog world :) I got these from the shop in Chintamani :)

  16. oh thanks. and thanks for following :).I haven't still visited fabindia, probably will be visiting one soon this month.. i really want to get their protein shampoo.. hearing really good reviews about that...

  17. Protein shampoo is good but I love the protein conditioner and avocado shampoo more :)

  18. i think now they got these travel packs set for aloe vera set now, price is around 200 only. so i am planning to get them first...

  19. Aloe vera face pack? I didn't get you :(

  20. they are providing travel packs...

    check this link..

  21. Wow that is a cute kid and a wise idea to try products :) Wish we can find such kits here in stores..:)

  22. I mean kit* :P lol

  23. Lol... Let me check it out and let you know whether it is available here...

  24. Oh Thanks :) That is so nice of you :)

  25. not a problem at all :)

  26. Hey Aarthi....I too bought this Pack some 6 months back and the only reason of buying this was my love for this container, which I really wanted to use for Candle making...Lol!!The container has really helped me in making grt candles but for me the pack was a little let down..also it is adourless and I like facepack with great smells of chandan,rose or multani mitti for instant freshness:-)

  27. Wow so you make candles !!!! Can you post some piccys pls Lipsy :)



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