Monday, January 24, 2011

Giveaway Everywhere :)

I think all of us here in this Beauty Blog world are really lucky and this is our best time of the year as it is giveaway everywhere. Hurray !!!!! After Rati's/Tatjana's and Rad's giveaway, I came across one after the other everyday and I thought I should not delay this anymore and should share it with all you ladies here :) Do enter the giveaway and I am sure the products are really worth it :)

Two of the bloggers whose blog I never miss to visit [Check my blogroll as well] are the cute ones holding the giveaway. They are Rashmi [Indya Beauty] and Cynthia [Indian Vanity Case].

Rashmi's Giveaway

Rashmi is doing a MUFE Six months completion giveaway !!!! First of all Congrats Rashmi for completing 6 months :) As we don't get MUFE here in Chennai I am so much excited to try their products and hence I am eagerly waiting for the results. You could either win MUFE HD Powder or MUFE Aquacream. Rashmi is also kind enough to let us choose the shade we like. So just enter the giveaway before 26th Jan and you could win wondeful products !!! Rules are very simple and so what are you waiting for Go Here :)

Cynthia's Giveaway

Cynthia is holding a giveaway too and again here she made the rules simple :) You want to know what she is giving??? It is a wonderful Velour Pants and Hoodies !!!! Yippeeee !!!! I am drooling over it since I saw her post on it and this one in dark teal is drool worthy. So sweet of you Cynth that you made all sizes available :P as I have put on weight recently, I was very much worried whether I'll get one that fits me ;) So again all the best for all of you and Go Here to enter this wonderful giveaway. Last day to enter is Feb 7th so rush soon.

Good Luck ladies :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. aarthi,when i clicked the "go" to cynthia's site, it redirected me to rashmi's. plz check it. and btw, i entered Rashmi's giveaway already. :)

  2. Thanks Bulbul,

    I have changed it :) Good Luck for the giveaway :)

  3. Aarthi!! Even pooja is hosting a giveaway..he he he!! :D

  4. Wow Thanks for the info Cali. I'll check it out :)

  5. hey which oil is best suitable for rebonded hair?
    and i have done my rebonding from schwarfkopf saloon and m using schwarfkopf shampoo and conditioner .. please suggest me the best hair masque,shampoo and conditioner

  6. Hi Ritika

    I use coconut oil for my hair and it does a great job. Regarding the shampoo and conditioners do consult your beautician as it depends on ur hair type and the hair treatment.



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