Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rads Giveaway, Neya and Winning a Giveaway :)

Hi Ladies,

I am here again with few more updates that you would love to know. If not all, at least you will love one of it.


1.Rads International Giveaway

Let me begin with Rads International Giveaway. Yes ladies, she is doing a giveaway in her blog where she is sooooooooooooooooo lovely and generous that she chose to give us a cute lil fabindia pounch [I am loving it :)] , YSL Lip Twins and MAC Paintpot in Constructivist. All three products are drool worthy and I am having my fingers crossed. To enter the giveaway CLICK HERE.


If you are new here then I'll introduce Neya to you. She is my cute lil daughter just 2 months old now. She added more meaning to my life by stepping into this world. We had her cradle function recently and people here who were really eager to see her pics, pls GO HERE.

3.Winning a Giveaway

I never thought I had luck in my life - be it big or small until I won the International giveaway by Tatjana at IMBB. Curious to know what I got? Green Equinox multi-purpose pigment stack in Do You Speak Alva !!!!!!!! There are 4 awesome pigments in this stack and this would be my first pigment !!!!! I was super dooper glad that it took a while for me to realize that I really won a gift in the giveaway. Thanks a lot Tatjana and Rati :)

So I am all happy and jumping awaiting the gift to be shipped and at the same time curious to know Rads giveaway results soon.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway! :D

    I'm sure neya will be inspired by her amma's love for makeup in the future... :D

  2. Congrats on winning Tatjana's giveaway and this is such a cute post..thank you for doing this :) :)

  3. Hi Aarthi,
    this is a cute lil informative post !! me going on Rads giveaway :P!!
    Neya is sooo cute... God Bless !!! <3
    Congrats for winning the IMBB giveaway !! even i won... yeppy !!
    btw... even i have an International Giveaway on my Blog do Check out when u get time !!

    cya !! <3

  4. @ Ki

    Thanks Ki :) Ha ha.. Wish she does :) So you are in Chennai now?

  5. @ Rads

    :) Ok so extra 10000000000 entries for me ;)

  6. @ Deeptima

    Good Luck for Rad's Giveaway :)

    Thank you :)

    Oh ya.. saw that.. we both won that extra 2 stacks that were added at the last :)I loved Kalidieoscope u knw.. :)

    OMG Intl gvwy at ur blog as well !!!!!!!!! Rushing thr :)

  7. hey congrats aarthi..

  8. Thanks Bhumika :) Always wanted to ask you.. what does ur name mean?

  9. Yup i'm in chennai... :) will you be going to check Mickey contractor's collection out on 22nd? :)

  10. I really want to but till the last minute I am not sure whether I'll be able to make it as these days Neya decides everything !!!!

  11. bulbul14/1/11

    hey, congrats! i won Tatjana's previous mini giveaway. and u know what, it was the very first time i had entered a giveaway. :)

  12. Congrats Aarthi. It's been a goody good start for you. :))

    You'd get the stuff by tomorrow most probably. :))

  13. Ha ha so cute! :D

    I'll be at MAC on knk road, I think... in case, we bump into each other :D

  14. Congrats Aarthi :)
    following u..... :)

  15. @bulbul

    Thank You.. and I should say u r v v v lucky :)

  16. @ Rati

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww I am soooooooo excited.

  17. @ Ki

    Oh k.. Ill try and if I can make it Ill msg u.. If you don't mind mail me your no :) And y do u wanna go to knk and not EA??

  18. @ Ramya

    Thank you :) Sweet of you :)



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