Friday, February 25, 2011

February Haul

As I am tracking my shopping expenses these days and also it is nice to share my haul with all my friends here, here is the list of products I got this month. I have seperated it into 2 categories - Cosmetic Haul and TBS Haul.

The Body Shop Haul

I can brief it as The Body Shop haul as all products except one were purchased from The Body Shop.

1.Earrings from Zuni, Banglore -Rs.520
2.TBS Assorted Soap Kit - Rs.297.50
3.TBS Nail Buffer - Rs.122.50
4.TBS Jolly Orange Scrub - Rs.262.50
5.TBS Olive Scrub - Rs.197.50

So a Total of Rs.1400.

Though my budget was a maximum of Rs.1000.. We never stick on to budgets ;) do we?? Also all TBS products I got were on offer and surprisingly got all the above on 50% discount !!!!! Yaayy!!!

1.Zuni Earrings

These earrings match my Swarovski finger ring, so really wanted this when my hubby sent the pic of this from Bangalore :) [Just to add more glamour to the TBS haul ;)]

2.TBS Assorted Soap Kit

This kit has soaps in the shape and fragrance of banana, olive, orange, lemon and strawberry. I feel they are the usual TBS soaps shaped in the form of the respective fruit.

3.TBS Nail Buffer

This one was bought for my hubby but seeing it leaving a ultimate glossy finish on my nails I am looting this one ;)

4.TBS Jolly Orange Scrub and 5.TBS Olive Scrub

I like trying various bath products like shower gels, bubble baths, body wash, scrubs, etc. These two scrubs are my recent ones :)

Cosmetic Haul

For the first time I got tempted to try new lipsticks and after reading Cynthia's Valentine's [Pink] Lip Colors I was more specific about getting pink colour lipsticks :)

1.Kara refreshing facial wipes - Rs.52
2.Revlon Plump sexxxy lip colour in Flirtatious - Rs.500
3.Maybelline color sensational lip stick in Pink Petal - Rs.299
4.Revlon Nail Color in Iced Spice - Rs.130
5.Maybelline Colorama - Rs.85
6.Coin purse - Rs.35

A total of Rs.1066.

1.Kara Wipes

Having already tried Kara wipes I wanted to try the different variants in these wipes and thus got these 20 refreshing facial wipes for Rs.52.

2.Revlon Lipstick

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor in Flirtatious was a random pick and it looked good on me so just bought it :) It is a dark pink color with a bit of maroonish tint to it. This has SPF 15 as well.

3.Maybelline Lipstick

I tried all pinks in Maybelline color sensational lipsticks. The ones that suited me well were Warm me up and Pink Petal and I zeroed down to Pink Petal :) It is a lovely pink shade.

4.Revlon Nail Color

Revlon Nail color in Iced Spice is a nude natural shade [peachy] that I love :)

5.Maybelline Nail Colour

This is a pink shade Maybelline Colorama - not able to find the shade name or number anywhere :(

 6.Coin Purse

This purchase was an inspiration from Rads.. Ya I just looooooveeeed her cute coin purse. I am still in search of a similar one :)

I have spent Rs.2466. Is it a bad amount?
So this is it for the month. Has anyone tried any of the above products? Do share your experience :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. hey, i was just thinking abt u the other day.hw r u? hw is Neya?has she started crawling yet?nice haul btw. :) u got all the tbs product at 50% off!!!i wanna go shopping too...:(
    i hav a question.i hav heard a lot abt facial buffer,nail buffer etc.what r they supposed to do?

  2. Wow great haul Aarthi!! Hey do post the swatches of the lippies...those earrings are so cute <3

  3. Thats quite a haul. Swatches of the lippies please. :)

  4. loved ur purchases....right from the earring to the coin purse..... the soap kit is so tempting.... :) have u tried them yet?

  5. Hey Bulbul,

    Thank you :) Neya is fine. She started rolling now will take another month or so to crawl :)

    Nail buffers are used to smoothen your nails and make it even and soft. Facial buffers serves a similar purpose where it polishes and exfoliates the skin :) TBS has facial buffers which I always wanted to try.

    Also heard TBS has sale now, so go soon :) Happy Shopping :)

  6. @ Rakhshanda,

    Thank you. Will do the swatches and review soon :)

  7. @ Nivedita

    Will do that soon :)

  8. Hi Ramya,

    Thank you :) I haven't tried the soaps yet but the SA told it is same as the regular TBS soaps other than the shape :)

  9. Aarthi!! awesome haul this is!! I'm running to TBS noww! they dont have half the things in GVK mall!:X bleh! I loved everything you bought! sit and enjoy your haul now!:P a request.. I'd like to see the swatches :):*

  10. Hey Aarthi, I had a doubt.. I went to TBS counter today and thought the jolly orange scrub was on a 50% discount, it was for around Rs 400. How come you got these for Rs 262 and Rs 197?

  11. @ AYOv

    Thank you :)

  12. @ Ik

    Hey Ik hope u have do a huge shopping at TBS :) Will post the swatches soon :)

  13. @ Ik

    Mine is 50gm tubs. What is the quantity of urs??

  14. Great Haul, Aarthi :)I love TBS Scrubs too :)

  15. lol I dint get those I just got the gloves and the 50g ka cocoa butter tub.. :) and a little something.. :P

  16. @ Appu,

    I love TBS scrubs and my favourite is the passion fruit scrub which is not available now. I think it was limited edition :(

  17. @ Ik

    Do share your haul.. Im all ears :)

  18. haha Aarthi, please keep updating your other blog as well na.. its just amazing. I love what you write and the way you write! :)

  19. That's so sweet of u.. r u talking abt my blog 'Lost in Utopia'???

  20. awesum haul aarthi..loved everythg

  21. quite a haul dea..enjoy..

  22. @bhumika

    Thank u :)

  23. @Butterfly

    Ya loved it too :)

  24. Once Upon A Time.. :) just read the latest post of Lost in Utopia.. :) I lovedddd it! and there was someone who said "you should write a book.. I'll buy it".. count me in.. I'll buy it too.. :)

  25. Woww aarathi- dats quite an interesting haul :D
    very cute earrings too :)

  26. @ Ik,

    Oh you meant my short stories :) Thanks a lot :) You'll buy my book - that's so sweet of you :) Muah :)

  27. @ Bee

    Thank you :) Many loved the earrings :)

    I must say you have a cute blog :)

  28. yay!!! :D:D so please go out there and write a book!! we'll love it!! I am sure I speak for a lot of people!:) :*:*

  29. Yup I'll do it for sure but I need 'My Time', so I'll wait until Neya grows up. Will start the ground work within an yr :) Thanks a ton for your support and encouragement :)

  30. very pretty haul love body shop products
    awsome post you have very intresting blog
    follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥



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