Sunday, February 20, 2011

I found a BBB

BBB - Blue Bow Bottle..

I found something recently while I was clearing my shelves and I never knew I had such a thing with me. I very rarely forget things I have... be it my clothes, perfumes or even footwear but this one was a sweet surprise. Yes it is a perfume from Avon that I would have bought for the bottle. I am so sure while saying that because this is a cute little blue bottle with a tiny bow lid !!!

It is Avon's Passion Dance for Women.. I have no idea about the price or anything.. :(

Here are few piccys.. If any of you guys know the price do let me know..

Avon fragrances have never disappointed me and this one is not an exception :) Yes I love the fragrance.. It has fresh floral notes :) Another favourite fragrance from Avon is LBD :)

This is a 30ml bottle that comes with a tight lid.

The only con being that it doesn't come with a spray cap :(

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Looks really pretty <3

  2. loved the packaging :)

  3. wow..really surprise.

  4. Wow! Its like I often store away money and then forget all about it and someday when I come across it I feel so overjoyed!!!
    Consider it as a surprise gift to yourself :)

  5. @ Rakhshanda

    Yup.. I too loved the bottle :)

  6. @ Anamika

    I would choose my perfumes for fragrance n then the bottle ;)

  7. @ Rakhshanda

    Ya sweeeeeeet surprise..

  8. @ Nivedita

    Ha ha..I do tht too ;) Yup Im sooo excited ;)

  9. so forgot it!!!

  10. wow, cute bottle. :) i totally agree with Nivedita here...:))

  11. Bulbul.. I would have got it for the bottle as I don't get a chance to try Avon fragrances before I buy them :)

  12. @ Nivedita

    You know what after seeing ur comment..I started searching for my hidden and forgotten money ;)

  13. This is so cute aarthi.. I thought you found a blue bow bottle for Nia. :P

  14. Ha ha.. Rati.. I would get Neya a new bottle if at all she likes it :)



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