Saturday, February 5, 2011

MAC Tartan Tale My Scottish Fling - A Preview

This was my last purchase in the year 2010 and I am still treasuring it... I really mean it ;) Yes I have not started using it yet :( So before I do it tomorrow here are the pics and swatches. Hope you all like it :)

What is in the box?
  • Pink Split Mineralize Eyeshadow
  • Fresco Rose Paint Pot
  • Budding Romance Lipglass
  • Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara
Price - $49.50

1.Mineralize Eyeshadow - Pink Split

Looks very attractive...

This is a shimmery pink colour and you can see it in the swatch. It is a bright pink, I mean bright than it shows in the picture and my cam did not pick the colour :(

2.Paint Pot - Fresco Rose

This is creamy and should be a good base for eyeshadows that belong to the pink family like pinks, purples, dark corals, peaches and light lilacs.

3.Lipglass - Budding Romance

Lipgloss in pink and I am sure I will love it :)

4.Zoom Lash Mascara - Zoomblack

This is smaller when compared to the one that is available seperately.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. The paint pot seems to be a lovely colour :)

  2. Its such a beautiful collection Aarthi. Love it. But everything is pink. I mean there's no co-ordination of colors. Still, its a very beautiful collection. Love the box all the more

  3. wow that looks like a great deal of stuff. i love the packaging its so cool!

  4. nice...d gloss looks very pretty..

  5. Wow great stuff!! Love that shadow...hey post a look using it!

  6. @Rads,

    Yes I am really liking it :)

  7. @ Nivedita - I am a sucker for everything in pink so ;) that is the main reason I got this one :)

  8. @IMW - Ya, I loved this cute little tin as well.

  9. @ Bhumika - The gloss is lovely too :)

  10. @Rakshanda - Will try to do that soon :)

  11. the paint pot is drool-worthy.and is that eyeshadow baked, aarthi? u r so lucky u hav such an amazing collection... :)

  12. Arthi :) This is a great combination. If you want the eyeshadow to look richer and more vibrant, apply it on top of this Fresco Rose paint pot. Mineralized E/s on top of paint pots or creamy bases look very nice.

  13. @ bulbul

    Yes, I am loving it too :) Ya I think it is baked :)

  14. @ Fieran - Thanks :) I tried it already and it looks great as you said :)

  15. rly liked the eyeshadow..

  16. All pink and pretty! You are one of the very few people I know of who have something from the Tartan Tale collection. I have a 5 pigment set. Love the tin box!
    Hows your little girl? :)

  17. @Butterfly

    Ya.. I like everything in pink :)

  18. @ Corallista

    Oh really?? Have u done a post on it? If no..pls do it I'd love to see :)

    Neya is doing good. Thanks dear :)

  19. Hey Aarthi! The swatches of the 5 pigments are here on my post on IMBB

    Looks I've done with the pigments on my blog:

  20. Hey thanks Ankita.. I now rem ur post in IMBB... I even loved a pigment from the collection :) Thanks a lot :)

  21. PINK...hehehe me liked evrythng....:-) post a pic of u na wearing these...

  22. @ Farha,

    I'll try doing it.. Even Rakhshandha had asked for a look with this kit :)

  23. @ AYOV

    Ya... I loved it too :)



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