Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Perfume Collection

This post was an inspiration from Cynthia's post on perfumes. The day I saw her post I decided to do one here as well and also I am a sincere perfume collector [can also say I am crazy about perfumes ;)] so I always wanted to a post on my perfume collection and here it is. Hope you guys like it :)

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren - Lauren Style is one among my favourites. Since it was a limited edition then, I stocked up enough and I am yet to check whether it is available now. It is a mild lovely fragrance.

Ralph Lauren blue was a gift.

Lady Perfumes

I have named these lady perfumes as the bottles are in the shape of a lady. These were gifts as well. Not a renowned brand but still the fragrance is mild and calming.


DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple. I love this perfume for its shape and color and of course fragrance as well :) I am waiting to collect all colours in this range ;)

The Body Shop

These perfumes from The Body Shop are for my travel purpose. I carry it in my hand bag always :) Aqua Lily Body Mist is a must-have.


Both these Burberry perfumes are my favourites. Burberry Brit and Burberry Sport are lovely fragrances :)


I have 5 perfumes in this brand !!!! CK Euphoria, Euphoria Blossom, Eternity Love, Electric and Crave.


Lancome Miracle is the only perfume I have from this brand and that is my most most most favourite one. Yes it is my signature perfume. You can see the review HERE.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Intense was the perfume I used when I was in my college days so whenever I wear this it reminds me my college days :)


I have never heard about this brand until my collegue gifted me the sample of this perfume. Never knew I will love this so much so got one for myself from strawberry net. This is Aigner's Too Feminine spring.

Nina Ricci

Nina by Nina Ricci is again a perfume in apple shaped perfume bottle.


Life by Espirit is another travel friendly perfume I have got.


City Glam by Emporio Armani is my another favourite.

My Body Sprays

My favourite body sprays are Impulse Goddess and Dive [Australian $2 body spray :)]

Other than the ones listed here I have a few in my in-laws place. They are Azzaro Now for Women, Bvlgari amethyst,The Body Shop Invent your Scent Collection [Review Here] and a few more. I don't remember all of it :P.

My Top 5 Favourites
  1. Lancome - Lancome Miracle
  2. Ralph Lauren - Lauren Style
  3. Emporio Armani - City Glam
  4. Bvlgari - Omnia Amethyst
  5. CK Euphoria Blossom and Burberry Sport
Any suggestions for new brands?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. ohh great collection Arthi...I'm impressed.

  2. wow ya nice collection how about sum armani

  3. @ Rakhshanda

    Thank youuuuuu :)

  4. @ Butterfly

    Yes, being one of my fav brand I really have to try from Armani :) Thanks butterfly :)

  5. ooohhhh lala....

  6. Lovely collection! :)& thanks for the link love Aarthi. I've always wanted Body Shop Love Etc & Nina Ricci Apple, but have to wait hehe. Armani City Glam looks god tooooo! lol


  7. Thanks Cynthia.. I am sure this would have been an intrestng article for u like how urs was for me :) Try City Glam.. I just love it :)

  8. I love Premier Jour by Nina Ricci and Flora by Gucci. I so want to try City Glam n ow :D

  9. jomol18/2/11

    Aarthi.....................please do tell me where exactly in Chennai you live....I will come in a big transport carrier to take back the loot to hyderabad

  10. @ Priya

    Try it and you will love it :)

  11. @ Jomol

    Wow.. come down and gimme a call I'll pick u up from station and will take u home :)

    Btw when you finish up your oriflame purchase ill take you home ;)

  12. you definitely have a great collection :)

  13. @ Ezzy

    Thank u :)

  14. wow!!!
    actually I am following you anyway, would be nice if you follow back too..you've inspired me to write abt so many things that I use much more than MAC or Clinique and never even speak a word about

  15. Hey ya I remember I had dropped in earlier as well talking abt a post on baby stuff. Finished writing it hence dropping the link.


  16. @HOF

    Will do the same :)

  17. @HOF

    Will chk it out :)

  18. I`m so glad I came to know about your blog. Its always nice to meet another lover of perfume.I have started a blog mostly about perfume a few days back. There are tons of perfume reviews coming up. I love your collection especially Miracle bu lancome. DO visit sometime. I enjoyed reading your blog. I`m following :)

  19. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad you are a perfume lover like me :D It will be a pleasure to read your posts :)

  20. That's a beautiful collection Aarthi! I use Hugo Boss Intense and I love it!
    My signature perfume is this one from a Charlotte Russe store, Its called Refuge and its gorgeous! Try it if you can :)
    I cant call it a signature anymore bcoz two of my friends loved it on me and bought it! :(

  21. Thank You Keerthi :) Also now I can't wait to try Refugee.. Noted it already :D

  22. hey aarthi can u suggest me a purfume with fresh floral fragnance; i will check it out den! wid so so many options out dere m getting all confused :)

    1. Recently I am liking the Nike Casual one.. Try it :)

  23. You really are perfume crazy...you have two two of so many :jaiho:

    1. He he yes Rads :-) im ths greedy one ;) Glad I have finished most of these n guess i can do perfume collection 2 post soon :-)

    2. I will die...won't even open that post..before that only I will die :|

    3. He he.. Dont worry ths time I wld hav jus half of this :D



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