Saturday, March 5, 2011

NOTD-Revlon Nail Enamel 330 Iced Spice

By now, you would know my love for glitters and pinks in almost all products and also nude lip and nail colours. If you don't then the previous line gives you that info :) I got this nude nail colour very recently and I am using this for a casual and simple nails.

It is Revlon Nail Enamel - 330 - Iced Spice

It is a nude creamy shade that has natural shine to it..

Here are the pics of the colour in my nails. Can't grow my nails bigger than this until Neya is an year old :(

Without Flash
With Flash
Sorry for the pics with bad lighting :(

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. its soo sheeny. So beautiful

  2. I hav sumtin similar in Mushy MAuve love d colours :P

  3. @ Nivedita

    Ya.. pretty one :)

  4. @ Sugar

    The name Mushy Mauve itself is lovely :)

  5. looks pretty Aarthi,

    By the way Zeeba here..

    visit me at

  6. nice nude color :)

  7. Hey Zeeba,

    Thank you. Glad to see u here :) Will visit ur blog too :)

  8. @ eju

    Yaa and if at all you love nude colors you have to try this :)

  9. wow! your fingers look really nice .. I can never wear these colours!.. dunno why.. :|

  10. Thank you Ik.. Just try once and I am sure you can carry it off well.. :)

  11. I have this too :)I like the fact that you write about regular daily usable products too.. Let me know if we could follow each other :)

  12. Oh really, You like the shade?



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