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Veet Ready to Use Hair Removal Wax Strips Review

As many of you here wanted me to review these wax strips, here is the review for Bulbul, Varshini and Sumi. I got the Veet wax strips for dry skin where as there are other variants available for Normal and Sensitive Skin as well. My skin is dry even in summers and also I need intense moisturization thus I got the ones for dry skin. Next I like to try the one for sensitive skin.


Veet Ready to Use Hair Removal Wax Strips contains
-8 (4*2) re-usable wax strips
-2 Perfect Finish Wipes

Already used 2 strips and 1 wipe
Claim :
-Superior Smoothness for upto 4 weeks
-Very effective even on short hair
-Contains Aloe Vera and Lotus for moisturising the skin

Here are the instructions to use

Also precautions are listed which I think is very necessary to go through before we use the strips.

  • Easy to use.
  • Removes even the small hairs as it claims.
  • Easily available.
  • 3 variants available.
  • Leaflet included is a detailed guide and thus is very helpful.
  • Wipes provided really helps and moisturizes the skin.
  • Smells good.
  • It has the same effects in my skin as that of the parlour waxing.
  • Lives to what it claims (almost).

  • It becomes a bit messy while using the strips again and again and it is hard to get the wax from the hands.
  • Since you can't use one strip more then once I need 2 boxes for my full hands and more than 2 boxes for my half legs.
  • My hair growth is pretty slow that I wax my legs only once in 2-3 months and hands once in a month but after using these strips I have to go for waxing a week before my usual time. Not a big con though.

The price of Veet Ready to Use Hair Removal Wax Strips is Rs.69 for 8 strips.


The Veet Hair Removal Strips are really easy to use and also comes handy during those lazy days when we don't feel like going to the parlours. I think 2 more strips could have been included in this pack so that it can be used for both my full hands or both half legs. I will keep these aside for rare use and I prefer going to the parlours for waxing as it is more mess-free and also delays my hair growth.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. did u use it all by urself? or someone helped u? i think, parlour waxing remains the best idea then. :)

  2. I used it myself bulbul and ofcourse you won't get the comfort of getting waxed at the parlours !!! I have kept this for emergency only :)

  3. Aarthi, I haven't used mine, but now gathered some guts to use it after reading your review :)

  4. I have used it ..n agree with u :)

  5. Uzma, read the instructions carefully and it will help you a lot to use these strips more effectively :)

  6. Thank You Bhumika :)

  7. Hey Aarti.. just stumbled upon ur blog.. Nice Review, I have used 'em , good for emergency only and they didn't work too well on under arms for me.

  8. Hey Deeps,

    I didn't use them on my underarms I just tried on my legs and hands. Also for underarms try dusting some powder and then using these strips, I got this tip from a friend of mine :)

  9. aarthi...will try this for sure...guess i did it the wrong way first time...
    thanks so much for the post:)

  10. Ya try it and lemme know how it worked this time :)

  11. Hi aarthi..
    nice review

    please enter my summer giveaway which is ending on the 8th of April..


  12. i use the sensitive strips and i can go without waxing again for a month, but then again i have ultra slow hair growth

  13. Hi lipstick and blush addict, thank u, will enter :)

  14. @IMW

    Ya true, even my hair growth is very slow :)

  15. thanks aarthi for the review. but am more comfortable using razors. and my hair growth is very very low

  16. Razors are really easy to use but it makes my hair so rough and tough. So I stopped using them long back Sumi.

  17. Hey thanks for visiting my page. Here are the answers to your questions..
    These are some things my friend got as gifts..I will have to find out the details and let you know!

  18. I love these strips. I find the blue ones for sensitive skin the best since it is less messy.
    I use this on my sideburns hair also. It does a great job!


  19. Thats so sweet of you HOF.. I'll be waiting :)

  20. Oh really, I am always very scared to wax facial hairs !!!!! I'll be trying the blue one next :)

  21. i keep these for emergency too! cant go through the trouble of using the regularly.. oh and you are right about them including 2-3 strips more.. :| I really am not too fond of these, but they DO come handy during emergencies..

  22. I agree with you 100% Ik. They are good but not for regular use :) [Lazy me ;)]

  23. alexandra23/8/11

    Can I use veet on my sideburns??

  24. I am not very sure alexandra, also unless it is mentioned in the pack it is better to get separate hair removal strips which is meant for facial hairs.

  25. Veet is a very good product. It waxes beautifully and it is very hassle-free. No more waiting for hours in the parlour. Although, it does get messy a bit and the wax takes some rubbing to come off, but it is much better than hot wax! Also, no rashes, so really works for sensitive skin.



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