Friday, May 20, 2011

My Love for ** Glitters **

Many of you know that I am crazy about glitters. Be it a pressed powder, lipstick or just a kajal I love glitters in all of them. This post is just an mini display of such products I have and I treasure as I am madly in love with them. These are just a handful of glittery products, may be I will collect all that I have together later some time and do another post.

Street Wear All Over Body Glitter

This is one product that comes handy in all occasions. The glitters are so mild and at the same time enhances the area where it is applied. 

The Body Shop Nail Enamel in Sparkling Pink

Though I used to hate this one, now my hands got used to it that I can make it look neat and attractive. I don't apply more than one coat and it works just fine. Thank God I didn't waste Rs.395.

Colorbar Eyeshadow in Copper Crush

This one was a gift from Priya. In spite of the shimmers I use it just anytime and this gives a subtle glow to my eyes.

Estee Lauder Signature Shimmer Powder in Gold Pearl

This is an absolutely stunning pressed powder with shimmers. Though I have my Street Wear Pressed Powder I have kept this aside for special evenings.

Victoria's Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner in Flash

This is another product in my love list. Yes, this brown liner is so creamy and even a novice like me can draw a perfect neat eye liner :)

Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust

This super soft eye shadow in pure gold color goes well with all my zari sarees and glitters just add more glam to the overall look.

Oriflame Powershine Lipsticks

These are wonderful shimmery and lip smacking Oriflame powershine lipsticks in Pink Bloom and Trendy Berry. You can see the swatches HERE.

The list does not end here. I have my MAC shimmer eye shadow, glitter lip gloss etc. Might be I will do another post when I feel all glittery again ;)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Wow, I'll totally try The Body Shop Nail Enamel this, this week.
    Thanks for the post!!!

  2. Your Welcome Gauri :)

  3. The gold dust eyeshadow looks like a must have! :D

  4. good collection! though i never like glittery stuff. my face is naturally so oily and hence shiny. :P

  5. I haven't started using it properly but I already love it Ki :)

  6. You lucky bulbul.. I like shiny/glowy/dewy faces :D and my skin is dry :(


  8. wow...arts..lovely collection u have :)
    me love shimmery things too :))

  9. Ya beautydiva. You like glitters too?

  10. Thanks Varshini :) Same pinch ;)

  11. hey Aarthi.. i myself like estee lauder's gold pearl allot.. and since you like shimmers i would suggest
    Plum cherry shade no. 311 nail paint by revlon.. it would looke lovely on your hands :)
    maybelline watershine liquid diamonds gloss in coral sunset (shade 02)

    and :) how was ur visit to dubai :)

  12. hey aarthi, nice collection. even i love shimmers :)

  13. Hello there! I just came across your blog and loved it! you have a great blog! love your style, check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same for you!


  14. Wow.. Thanks a lot for the suggestions Namita. I'll try them for sure :) It was a very short trip so was very hectic. Wish I had more time :( But overall had a great time with hubby :)

  15. Thank You Indgal :)

  16. Thank You love joice. Will check out your blog :)

  17. hehehe :P wen u feel glittery again?? i love subtle shimmers that add glow :)

  18. you are welcome dear :)

    i understand short trips r allot hectic specially if travelling outside India..but the good thing is that u enjoyed with ur husband...n i guess that matters the most :)

  19. That's true Namita :)

  20. @ Shweta

    I love the glowy/dewy look too :D



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