Sunday, May 15, 2011

Victoria's Secret Secret Garden Romantic Wish Sumptuous Bath Bubbles Review

Last year my sister sent me a huge set of Victoria's Secret's bath and body products. That was the first time I tried them and I couldn't change to any other brand from then. In the entire collection I have got this is the last but one product that I am using right now. It is the Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish Sumptuous Bath Bubbles. I use this as a shower gel with a bath lily/loofah.


Sumptuous Bath Bubbles transform your bath into a sweet sanctuary with long-lasting, skin-softening bath bubbles. Pour desired amount under warm bath water. Then soak in your favorite fragrance from a Secret Garden.

I don't use this as bath bubble but as a shower gel and it works great as both bath bubble and shower gel. I just pour certain amount in my bath lily and use it. This wine colored liquid lathers pretty well, even in hard water and the fragrance is just mind blowing. The fragrance lingers for another few hours.

  • Smells heavenly.
  • Lathers very well.
  • Does not leave the skin squeaky clean which means I feel it does not leave my skin dry.
  • Skin is soft and supple.
  • The smell lingers around for a while.
  • Comes in a neat packaging with the lid that allows only desired amount of the product out.

  • Not easily available in India. This is not a con for me though.
  • Price might be a bit on the high end. I do not mind about the price as my sister gave this as a gift.

The price of Victoria's Secret Secret Garden Romantic Wish Sumptuous Bath Bubbles is $8.50 [USD] for 250 ml.


I am crazy about almost all Victoria's Secret bath products and this one is not an exception. Victoria's Secret have great offers and deals now and then. Hence this can be purchased during such offer period and I will say Victoria's Secret's bath products are worth the money.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow :) u r sure fan of shower gels Aarthi :D

  2. I ♥ Victoria's Secret's Passionfruit Escape Exhilarating Body Wash! It makes my skin feel smooth all day! :)

  3. arts :))...nice...i have bubbles from blog is finally fixed :)....

  4. u r making me drool lady. even i have some of victoria's secret products and yup i do admit, they smell heavenly!

  5. @ Shweta,

    Ha ha that's true and I realized it very lately ;)

  6. Hey Gauri, Thanks for sharing that. I'll try it next :)

  7. @ Varshini, How's the BBW bubbles? Why don't you review it, pls :)

    I think there was some prob with blogspot and all of us had that problem.

  8. @IMW

    I drool seeing all your bags and accessories shopping Anju and you drool seeing my VS shower gel :D

  9. Hi Aarthi, this is very random, but didn't know where else to post. Do you know where colorbar cosmetics are sold? I know only of Saravana stores & I hate going there, but I desperately want a few of their items.

  10. Hey Poohkie, I recently came to know that colorbar was there is Saravana Stores !!!!!! Was a shock indeed !!!

    I knew a store in Besant Nagar, somewhere near Eden where we used to even get TBS [when TBS stores were not opened here] and colorbar products. If you are around Thiruvanmiyur, Adyar then you must be knowing this store. If you are not aware let me know I'll check out the name of the store for you.

  11. Hi Aarthi,
    I'm actually in T.Nagar, so not very familiar with Thiruvanmiyur or Adyar. If you can, please let me know the name of the store & the road its on. I'd email colorbar atleast 3-4 times asking about availability in Chennai, but they haven't responded.
    As for the Saravana stores counter, it's very poorly stocked & they keep only really old stuff (stuff with old packaging). It totally puts me off. Plus the SAs are not at all helpful.

  12. The shop name is Trends and I think the road is 3rd Avenue in Besant Nagar. Or you can just ask for Eden/Anjappar in Besant Nagar. The shop is in the same lane.

  13. Thanks a lot. I will check it out.

  14. Your welcome Poohkie :) Happy Shopping :)



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