Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good and Bad - I wanted to Share

Very often we come across the term 'Customer Service' and the usage has been increasing day by day. Indeed it is glad that every single firm stress on this point-Customer Service- which once never prevailed in our country !!! But my question is how many of them live up to their claim of providing proper service or even a decent service to their customer. I recently had a very bad experience that ruined my day and at the same time something that did brighten me up and made me forget the bad.

This is not a post about makeup or anything but I thought it is wise to share this as everyone of us face such a situation at least once in our life.

I am sharing it in the sequence it happened, the bad first and good after that.


Domino's Pizza - The Bad

We have been ordering pizzas from Dominos for quite sometime and since my place is still a developing area we don't have any other pizza outlets nearby. I lost the number and hence called the next nearby Dominos Pizza [Velachery, Chennai] to find out the number of their outlet in my place.

Note -
1.It was already past lunch hour and almost all restaurants were closed.
2.There were no other pizza outlets near my place.
3.Neya was down with fever so I didn't get time to spend time in kitchen as she demanded my presence 24*7.

Initially I asked the guys at Velachery whether they deliver to my place. They said they don't as it is 2 km outside their delivery area. So I just got the number which turned out to be a wrong number. When I asked the guy he just said the number without even referring anyone !!!! So I googled to find out the number that is when I came across the online ordering system. I was super glad [and almost famished] when I saw that and ordered food. Ironically the system said "Your Branch - Velachery". I was waiting for the food or some call for confirmation but there was no response for another 20 mins. I had a doubt so I myself called to check my order!!!! - Dominos being irresponsible.

A girl picked up the phone and said she would deliver within 10 mins. I was glad.

After 2 mins I got a call from them where the guy spoke this time. He was the one who gave the wrong number. This guy spoke to me in such a manner

Guy - Is it Aarthi ? [He knew my name from the order I placed and also during my previous call.]
Me - Yes
Guy - We don't deliver to your area. [As blunt as this]
Me - I ordered online and the online system says you deliver to my place?
Guy - Who asked you to order online? I told you we don't deliver to your place.
Me - Well, I am surprised by YOUR knowledge about YOUR online system and for your kind information we don't get to choose the store but the system itself allocates a branch nearby to my place. Also you don't have rights to question me on why I ordered online and also no where it says that I have to get any prior permission before ordering food online and that answers your question -"Who asked you to order online?"
Guy - Ok, We don't deliver to your place.
Me - What if I had already paid the money.
Guy - I don't know. [Funny !!!! You don't know then why do you work there????]
Me - May I know your name?

He hung up the phone abruptly. 

I was already upset with Neya's health, added to this I was very hungry and this guy response was atrocity to the core. I was so very upset and frustrated that I had lost my mood for the whole day. Never had such a terrible experience and I really doubt what does Domino's mean when they say "Customer Service". I completely hate them now and I am doing my best so that someone from Domino's answers for his ruthless behavior. 

The Bad
  • Rude response. 
  • Lack of Knowledge. The guy neither knew the number nor had any idea about how the online system worked.
  • Lack of interest. He never had any intention to help me nor he sounded polite. He just gave a random number rather he could have told he had no idea about it.
  • Improperly trained staff. The girl said they can deliver but the guy said they can't !!!! So who is right?
  • Helpless online ordering system.
  • Worse customer service ever.

Craftsvilla - The Good

A week before I came to know about Craftsvilla through Facebook and casually logged into their site. Instantly I fell in love with their collection of bags, jewellery, bed linen etc. Since I have had bad experiences in the past with online shopping I hesitated a bit but their hand bags were irresistible. The price was also reasonable so I thought why not give a try. Also they gave Rs.250 off for the first time so I was super glad. 

When I entered my shipping details there was a problem, so I called there Customer Care. A sweet girl named 'Nidhi' picked up the call and came forward to help me. This was the quickest customer service I have ever encountered. She was really polite and explained how I can get the product delivered. I ordered the handbag as per her advice and after discount this wonderful cute bag came for just Rs.450 (approx). They also have an option where we can send the product as gifts and also demand a feasible delivery date. I demanded 1 week delivery time and it reached me well before that.

There was a intimation through mail as soon as the product was dispatched and also there was a mail to check whether I got the bag on time. It was a "Wow" experience.

Along with all the above wow factors, they keep updating us with wonderful offers and I am stunned seeing all that. I feel everyone will fall in love with craftsvilla once you purchase a product from them. 

I just loved the bag, it was exactly the same as the one I saw in their website. They also sent 2 scented candles as gift !!! and a sweet Thank You note. This instantly changed my mood and I was all happy again. It was a coincidence that both the incidents happened on the same day and this is what I call 'Customer Service'.

The Good
  • Prompt Cusomer Service. No waiting over the phone.
  • Kind and polite approach.
  • Professional way of handling things.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Correct product delivered in perfect condition.
  • Value for money.
I am going to buy more from them [already love the candles] and if you are interested do check out and

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I have never tried the online ordering in India, mostly because I know that they will not do it right. Here, the system is flawless - I order only online and there is no problem at all!

  2. OMG! The behaviour of the Domino guy was absolutely atrocious! Especially since he knew he was speaking rudely (why else would he have hung up?) I agree that a lot of companies use the term Customer Service, but treat customers as pests! It's a rare company that practices good service.
    These days if I encounter bad service, I give that company a wide berth.
    The craftsvilla site is gorgeous. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. my god! the guy was so rude! i can't believe Domino has such a bad customer service.
    craftsvilla! even i am thinking of purchasing a handbag from them. they r so pretty and colorful na? ur bag is v nice too. and 250 off! omg! congrats. :)) btw, is Neya alright now?

  4. I've never had a bad experience with Domino's but this guy. whom you have mentioned, seemed extremely rude. You should have called up again and complained to the manager.

    The website you have shared is soooooooo cute

  5. nice post aarthi.. even i had the same experience with dominoes. The branch is in ashok nagar and we are staying at saidapet. it will hardly take 20 minutes to come from their place to ours. first the guy asked where we are staying and I said saidapet. he said we don't deliver thre and hung the phone. so rude. from then i never went to dominoes. pizza corner service is good...

    and ur bag looks cute, will check the website now :)

  6. @ Ki,

    True Ki.. I agree with you 100%.. I don't know why people complicate it so much here !!!!

  7. thats very rude Aarthi :( next time try justdial..... you can get the numbers easily.... Dominos Adyar will be closer to you, i guess.... but whatever that was a very bad response....
    and the bag.... cute :)

  8. @ Poohkie

    I was so frustrated the other day and Craftsvilla brought back me the good mood :)

  9. Hi Bulbul,

    I stopped buying from Dominos after that. I better get from small road side shop rather than buying from Dominos where they don't value their customers.

    Everyone must check out Craftsvilla.. I highly recommend it :) Also they keep sending so many different offers now and then. Keep watching the grab the best deal after you register.

    Neya is fine now Bulbul. Thank You :) So sweet of you.

  10. Hi Priya,

    I tried getting in touch with their manager but the manager was not available in the store then !!!!! Worst of all !!!!

    Do register with Crafstvilla and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

  11. Hi Indgal,

    I am trying my level best to let the concerned people know about this rude behavior. Will let you know if I succeed. Anyways I decided not to buy from them anymore.

    Craftsvilla is awesome.Do check out and share your experience if you buy something :)

  12. How is neya now.. :)
    i never had any such bad experience but heyyy get past it aarthi.,,i hope u had ur lunch at least that day
    aND the bag is so00000 cute !!!!!!!

    keep smilin :);)

  13. She is better now Namita, Thank You :)

    I just ate Maggi for lunch and hubby took me out for dinner :)

    Everyone is loving the bag :)

  14. Hi Ramya, Thanks for sharing. I'll try next time :)

  15. Customer care has a long long way to go here in India..The good is really rare bad in plenty.

    Even we had a v bad experience with Dominoes. We'd placed a bulk order and they delivered after 2 hrs!!!!! They offered me a discount of Rs 400.. I said I would pay half or not accept it.. They finally agreed on some decent deal..

  16. That's true HOF.. It is really sad to agree but that is the truth. Recently Varshini shared a similar experience from Dominos, Velachery - the same branch !!!!!

  17. That's very rude! If there is any page of Dominos on facebook, do post this Aarthi.

    Kisses to Neya sweety!

    I posted about the wonderful customer service of Crafstvilla on my blog, they are doing a great job.

  18. I did check Uzma.. No response and no use :(

    Neya is sending her kisses too :*

    Wow I am glad you really liked Craftsvilla :)

  19. dat was so rude n wen everythg goes wrong together its so irriatatng..totally understand !
    glad u got nic service at craftsvilla..:)

  20. Ya Bhumika.. I can never forget this incident !!!

    Craftsvilla did make the day better :)

  21. Hi Aarthi.. I came across ur blog thru IMBB, nice work :) Even I buy stuff from craftsvilla, they r awesome.. Not sure if you know.. u can mail them the link of your post here and they wud send u a Rs.500 worth voucher with no min purchase! I think offer ends by Jun 15 so hurry up :) u can chk thr Fb page for more details :)

  22. Thank You Dreamer :)

    Great to find a person who has a common love :) Also thanks a lot for letting me know about this, a sweet gesture.. *Hugs*

  23. hey aarthi that guy sounds so so rude. I remembber when I was in chennai, We used to get pizza man coming to our institute.although many pizza guys used to hate to come our institute. bcoz he says he has to drive all the way inside the camp[us. by the way i think adyar people is far bettwr,. where do u live in chennai?

    nice to know tht neya feels better !!
    nice u got ur courier on that day.
    i beleive u should go straight to the counter and complain there itself.
    u should nt leave him..
    I think u must be knowing that they have a poll to vote for the salesman of the month or something like that. let hin get all bad points..
    I suggets u go today itself and complain about him...
    by the way what did u eat then ???

  24. Hey Mitha,

    Thanks a lot for all those supportive words. My hubby wanted to go to the outlet the very next day but I didn't want him to end up fighting as he is very short- tempered. After seeing your comment I feel I can go myself and place an complaint. Thank You so much.

    I just had Maggi for lunch :(

  25. I really like dominoz pizza , you can buy online pizza, click Baggout



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