Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I ♥ MACup Products

We all love MAC don't we, and we all love makeup as well. Recently I have been developing this unmanageable love for MAC and the urge to shop madly at MAC. I have been telling everyone I know that I really want to do a mad MAC haul. So before I go for shopping my hubby suggested me to recollect what all I have from MAC, so that I will get a rough idea of what to buy and what to restrict myself from :P 

That is the history behind this post and when I did bring up all my MAC stuff together I was both sad and glad. Sad - As I didn't have many MAC products and Glad - As I got a valid reason to splurge ;)

MAC Wedge Sponge

I was very reluctant when the SA asked me to buy this one, but now I am treasuring this. This just does wonders and it has become by HG foundation sponge.

MAC Wipes

This is my HG wipes !!! Yes I totally love these wipes in spite of the high cost. How many ever good wipes I might try, nothing can replace this one.

MAC Select Sheer / Pressed Powder

This is a good product from MAC but not my HG product, though I love it I want to try the Mineralize Skin Finish Powder.

MAC Studio Moisture Fix Lotion

This is a light pleasant smelling moisturizer that gives intense moisture and acts as a good makeup base too. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15

I prefer dewy finish when it comes to foundation and this serves the purpose perfectly. Though I love this foundation I would like to try other foundations from MAC.

MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This is one awesome product that just does wonders and my make-up is incomplete without this cute little loose powder from MAC.

MAC Tartan Tale Kit in Scottish Fling

So far I had the foundation, moisturizer, pressed powder, loose powder, wipes and sponge and by getting this kit I became the proud owner of MAC Paint Pot, Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss and Mascara. To know about what is in the kit GO HERE.

I don't own even 1 MAC lipstick !!!!!!!! and not even 1 blush !!!!! I am so upset :( 

P.S - I prepared this post even before my Dubai Trip and now I am updating this :P

MAC Lipstick [Cosmo] and MAC Mineralise Powder Foundation

I am already in love with this foundation and lipstick. This is my first powder foundation and never knew it works so well !!!! 

Please suggest me some MAC products that has to be added to my shopping list.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. ahhhh :d Mac Cosmo :D

  2. great haul. love the mac"up" stuff. ohhhh i miss am at kerala...there is no mac! :(

  3. please try the studio fix powder foundation just got tit and love it.....quick good long lasting ..get verve lipstick as well...very wearable!!

  4. Shweta,

    Yup :P :P

  5. Me missing mac too Anju.. but dono y ;)

  6. Hey Thanks a lot Shivani. I will definitely try them.. Adding these to my shopping list right away :D

  7. I too never had any MAC makeup and I knoe my first purchase will be MAC Cosmo. Is'nt it a really pretty shade...Loved your atuff Aarthi.

    Visit me at

  8. Prachi I keep looking at Cosmo again and again.. I am loving it so much :) I am happy that you liked my stuff :D

    Will check out your blog :)

  9. Anonymous25/6/11

    hi aarthi,

    followin your blog for quite somtim now:) I tried cosmo at the store but it dint quite suit me....mayb due to the lighting, I rem u commenting the same on IMBB wat made u finaly get the shade and how do u find it? Plz lemme know, since i very much want this pretty :)

  10. Hey that is surprising you remember all this so much !!!! True once when I went to MAC here I tried Cosmo and it looked bad on me. My lips were very dry then and also the tester was not very creamy :( But I always wanted to buy this one :P

    When I was in Dubai, MAC was the first shop I visited in the morning and the SA applied it with a brush on my lips. Also my lips were very well hydrated and it was in a good condition.I saw it in the natural lighting and it looked very good. I didn't wait a minute and grabbed the last piece they had :)

    The facts that made me buy are
    1.Good Conditioned Lips
    2.Proper guidance by the SA
    3.Applied on a fresh face and lips ;)
    4.Seen under natural lighting.

  11. Anonymous1/7/11

    Thanks for ur tips:) was thinkin whether it wud siut me or not, since im NC45. I hav the shade creme in ur coffee,.....if its similar to that then i m definitely gonna pick it up! If possible pls do a FOTD, wud be lookin fwd to it:)

  12. I am sure it would suit anyone between NC40-45. Anyway just give a try before you get it :) Happy Shopping :)



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