Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Haul - 100% Online

I never planned any haul [at least not this big] for this month, but I ended up buying so many :P I did restrict myself from going shopping but never thought still we have other options to buy products and thus ended up buying so many stuffs online. Lesson Learnt - "Be clear when you take a resolution" - I won't go shopping for another few months + I won't buy anything online as well ;)

Online Haul Tempted By
  • Craftsvilla
  • IMBB Sunday Bazaar
  • Avon - Neha
  • Oriflame - Varshini

Many of you here already know my experience with Craftsvilla [if you don't then GO HERE] and thus my first purchase was this pretty handbag I got for Rs.449 after discount. The original price was Rs.699.

Seeing their irresistible offers and products I purchased more from them. This time I got some scented candles and hand made soaps.

I got the scented candles in Spring Dew, Paradise Bliss and Mountain Silence [love the names]. Each candle costs  Rs.300. The Neem and Mango Soap were Rs.130 and Rs.95 respectively. I have never tried shampoo bars so I bought the Hibiscus Honey Shampoo Bar priced at Rs.120. Also I got a cute pink pouch for my lippies and it costs Rs. 259.

Though I got so many all I paid was Rs.500 !!!!! Yes, if you are smart enough [like me.. ahem ahem.. ;)] grab their discounts at the right time and you can be as lucky as me :D

Actual Worth of the Products - Rs.2203
Amount Spent - Rs.953
Amount Saved - Rs.1250

IMBB Sunday Bazaar

If you are hearing about IMBB Sunday Bazaar for the first time then I would say you have really missed something. I think almost all of us know about it. In the recent sunday bazaar I bought 2 lipsticks from Ankita. Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturele Lipstick - Rose Delicat and Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick - Silk Star. The original price of these were Rs.650 and Rs.525 respectively and I bought them for Rs. 355 and Rs.450. I had to pay Rs.80 for shipping so all together I paid Rs.885 for these lipsticks.

The swatches for you

Top - Bourjois & Bottom - Chambor
Both lipsticks are very creamy and I tried Bourjois on me and it is awesome, that it suits me sooooo well.

Actual Worth of the Products - Rs.1175
Amount Spent - Rs.885
Amount Saved - Rs.290


When I came to know that Neha represents Avon I was super glad and I went through the brochure with the intention of not buying anything but ended up buying few products. I got Simply Pretty Swirl Lipgloss in Strawberry which was priced Rs.119, the awesome nail enamels in funky fuschia and Violetetta. Both nail enamels together costs Rs.159 [offer price :D] and also got this Mini Shine No More Pressed Powder in Dusky Beige for Rs.49 !!!!! [Clearance Sale :D]

I am just loving these nail colors. Never thought I will love them so much. Matte nail color just works like a magic. ♥ In love ♥

Here is the free gift.. She knows that I love lip gloss and thus she gifted this to me. So sweet of you Neha... **Hugs**

Actual Worth of the Products - Rs.327
Amount Spent - Rs.330
Amount Saved - No saving here as I paid for shipping :)


I ordered these lipsticks I think 2 months back :P and got time to collect it just now. I bought Very Me Lip Mania in Flirty Pink and Rock Star Pink. I got it during offer for Rs.129 each and Varshini gave me these for Rs.230 :D

Here are the swatches for you. The lipstick is so light on lips like a balm, yummy.

Top-Rock Star Pink, Bottom - Flirty Pink
Also got free gifts :P

Thanks a lot Varshi.. Mwahhh

Actual Worth of the Products - Rs.258
Amount Spent - Rs.230
Amount Saved - Rs.28

Hope you all liked my haul. So this month through online shopping I have spent a lot and saved a lot as well.

Total Amount Spent - Rs.2398 - Rs.2400 [approx]
Total Amount Saved - Rs.1565 :D

Best Buys - Handbag and Candles from Craftsvilla, Bourjois Lipstick and Avon Nail Enamels :D

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice haul Arthi,, i also made my second purchase from craftsville, its is so tempting with daily discounts..anyways do let me know how the shampoo bar worked for you...

  2. Great haul :DGreat haul :D

  3. Hey... Even I ordered few stuff in IMBB sale... Nice savings... Even I was so happy when I got stuff at the sale

    Hey I'll call you this weekend. Have to update you ;)

  4. Hey SSG,

    That is very true and I have to say I have made my 3rd purchase as well :P

  5. Hey Beauty Diva,

    Thank You :D

  6. Priya, are you talking about what you ordered in the first sale or you even got products in subsequent sales??????

    "Update" - that is a very short word and I am assuming too many things :P Waiting for the weekend ;)

  7. :D amazing haul!!!TOo much of shopping gng green :P

  8. :( :( :( i wanttttttt!!!!! :( :( ur haul post made me sooooo sad yaar. :'( now im crying see? arey u got such ammmazing discounts on craftsvilla. and Varshini? im going to hunt her down nowwwww.:P :P

  9. "Too much shopping" :D :D

  10. C'mon bulbul, you must be happy and go shopping now and not cry :D Varshini..... :D :D :D

  11. ho... i just saw.... lovely haul Aarthi.... there is something that i like in each of ur purchases :)

  12. Hey Aarthi Do u know abt any lotus makeup counters in Chennai??

  13. Thank You Ramya. So what do you like in this haul?

  14. Make up counters... No Shweta :(

  15. Nice haul sweetie ^-^

    Love Christine ♥

  16. Thank You Christine and Welcome here :)



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