Sunday, June 12, 2011

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Soap Review

After the massive haul it is time to start relishing the products one by one ;) So I started with L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Soap. I usually don't like soaps much and I always use shower gels. Since it has been a long time I used any soap I opened this awesome smelling soap from L'Occitane.


If I have to fall in love with soaps again then I think I have to go to L'Occitane shops only. As the name says the Cherry Blossom fragrance just melts your heart. As I tear open the cover I just fell in love with this soap, all I wanted [other than the fragrance] is it should not make my skin dry and glad it didn't :) My skin felt soft and I could feel the cherry blossom fragrance for quite some time. I have kept the outer wrapper in my wardrobe and my clothes smell.. mmmmm....

  • The fragrance is just amazing. I can feel it in myself after bath, in my bathroom as my soap lies there and my wardrobe as the wrapper lies there. The fragrance is as good as any Victoria's Secret product.
  • The soap is in the shape of a cute little round flower and in baby pink color.
  • It does not leave my skin dry, neither it is moisturizing.
  • Available in all L'Occitane outlets.
  • It has all ingredients listed in the back of the package.

  • I would have preferred little moisturizing effect for my dry skin.
  • The price !!!! 
  • L'Occitane is not in my place :(

The price of L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Soap is Rs.600 (approximately) for 1.7 oz. I got it for AED 49 in Dubai .


This is a great soap with awesome fragrance that would suit all skin types. You can just get it to pamper yourself once in a while and also if you are a fan of great smelling bath products.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Oh I want to try now :/ I'm going to L'occitane outlet tomorrow, hope to find it there :)

  2. I love L'occitane soaps. I got so many from Four Seasons & I just have 1 more left... It smells awesome n makes my skin so soft... Luv Luv Luv..

  3. Sounds great!! Thanks for sharing Aarthi!!

  4. Hey Anju,
    You get L'Occitane in your city !!!! You are so lucky :)

  5. True Priya, I loved the fragrance too.. that is why I compared these with VS products :)

  6. My pleasure Rakhshanda :)

  7. soap looks really nice and yummy

  8. This sounds so heavenly aarthi.. i have given up on soaps.. but all you gals keep tempting me... luxury soaps, handmade soaps and yumm smelling soaps...!

    how is neya doing? is she crawling? kuhu just does not want to sit down now.. she wants to stand all the time :)

  9. Hey Linhy.. It is very tempting I agree :D

  10. Hey Anks, Even I had lost interest in soaps and very recently picked up this one. Thank God, it did not disappoint me :)

    Neya is doing good. Ha Ha... It is fun to see them growing.. Like Kuhu even Neya doesn't want to sit.. When she was struggling to sit she always wanted to sit and never lie down.. now when she is struggling to stand she never wants to sit but stand :P

    Kisses to Kuhu :) Does Kuhu miss you when you are at work? How do you manage?



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