Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picking it :)

This one has been long pending - a blog award from Bulbul. Thanks a loooooooooot Bulbul, that is a sweet gesture. Sorry for the delay.

I am passing on this to all my blog friends as I feel each blog is unique in its own way and everyone of us are striving hard to make the space a better one.

I saw this tag on Ki's blog and I really loved it. So just picked it up :D Please feel free to do this tag as it is really interesting.

ABC's of Aarthi 

Age - 28
Bed Size - King Size with Neya and Hubby rolling from one corner to other.
Chore you Hate - Cleaning the bathrooms :(
Day - Fridays. Everyone loves Fridays Isn't it?
Essential Start to your Day - Waking up with Neya's hands rubbing my face.
Favorite Color - Pink and Purple.
Gold or Silver -  Gold
Height - 163 cms. 
Instruments - All I have used were geometrical instruments :P
Job Title - Full Time Mom ;)
Kids - Neya - My Princess
Live - In Incredible India :)
Mum's Name - Sumathi
Nicknames - Pappu :P
Overnight Hospital Stays - During my surgery in leg and after delivery.
Pet Peeve - Messy House/Car. I can never stand it at any point of time.
Quote from a Movie - Still Thinking...
Right or Left Handed - Right Handed
Siblings - Younger sister Archana.
Time you Wake Up - Varies from 7 to 9 am. It is all Neya's time.
Underwear - I have heaps ;)
Vegetables you dislike - Almost everything except a few like potato.
What makes you run late -  Clubbing my program with a late-runner, else I am always punctual.
X-rays you have had - Many 
Yummy food you make - Carrot Halwa
Zoo - Have been there a couple of times. My next visit might be with Neya.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Congrats!! Very interesting :D

  2. awwww...u deserve the award honey. u r such a sweet person. and it's fun to read the ABC facts. :))

  3. Thank You Rakhshanda :)

  4. Thank You Bulbul.. Thts sooooo swet of u :)

  5. Congrats and the ABC facts are a riveting read ;)

  6. I loved your ABC's..:-) Congrats for the award

  7. Thank You Shweta :)

  8. Thank You Prachi :D



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