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Wella Kolestint Hair Color Review

I am not new to this brand - Wella. Almost all my hair care products are from this brand and I am really happy with the effect it shows on my hair :) Recently I got the Wella Kolestint Hair Color in Black and Burgundy. I tried Burgundy and gave Black to my mom-in-law. Here I would review both from my experience and my mom-in-law's as well.


My cam did not pick my hair color properly and also it was really gloomy today. So I am posting the pics of my mom-in-law's hair color. The box of Wella Hair Color contains the following
  • Pre-Color Hair Product
  • Color Creme
  • Creme Developer
  • After-Color Intense Shine Treatment
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • Instruction Leaflet

It is very important to go through the entire instructions provided in the box and also in the leaflet even if you have colored you hair before. It is very easy to use hair color and on following all instructions provided it makes the job even more simple. If I hadn't used this hair color, I would have never got the confidence to color my hair myself. I would end up going to parlors and spend triple the amount on hair coloring.

I have no idea about the staying power. Might be I will update the same in a months time.

  • Easy to use.
  • Clear step by step instructions provided.
  • Almost all hair colors available in the market do not provide this Pre-Color Hair product that comes with this Wella Kolestint Hair Color.
  • A wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Gives an even coverage on proper application.
  • Leaves the hair soft, shiny and smooth.
  • The conditioner provided can be used thrice after hair coloring.
  • My mom-in-law's curls were minimized !!!! Her hair looked more manageable.
  • Smell is not disturbing.
  • Easily available.
  • No side-effects.

  • Burgundy didn't show much in my hair. It is more visible when I am out in sun. As per the instructions in the box, it depends on your natural hair color. So I am not sure where the problem lies. However my mom-in-law is satisfied with the results.

  • I prefer streaks than global hair coloring, so it was a bit difficult to do streaks at home. Wish there were some tool or tips provided for the same.
  • This is not a con but I would have preferred an applicator as well, with which the kit becomes complete.
Before and After

The price of Wella Kolestint Hair Color is Rs.519 for 145 ml [Total Net Weight].


I am a fan of Wella Hair Products and this is the first time I tried their hair color. I liked it and mother-in-law liked it too. I do not mind the price as the kit comes fully packed (except the applicator). The color doesn't show much on dark hairs, so bad luck for me. I would say this is a decent hair color and you can give it a shot.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥ 

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Product sent by PR.


  1. Nice article on using colors for the Hair.
    I am assuming that you don't have any grey you are just coloring for fun/ fashion. You should go for the fashion colors, which are perfectly suited for hair that is not grey. They have such colors in Garnier, you don't even have to bleach your hair.
    If you don't have any grey you can go in for any of the tubes which you see in the parlours it starts something with 'M', (lo'real) I cannot remember the name right now, like blond, red, cherry red, violet and so on, it can be applied with a solution which has to be bought separately. All major brands have this product, you will find them in shops that sell all beauty products for the parlours. It is quite cheap around Rs. 250 or so plus the developer, they will last you for many months, you can apply it with foil/ streaking cap, which are all available in that shop.
    For years there used to be streaking home kit from Garnier, but for the last 1 year they have stopped.
    It is very easy and fun to get your hair colored if you don't have any grey, but if you do have then you may have to go the parlour only, and be willing to shell out.
    If you have friends who also are into these, then you can do all these things very easily.
    And if you go to the net you can lots and lots of ideas to colour your hair.

  2. Hie Aarthi :),, how are u :)

    must say... the way you describe products to the core is amazin..
    and nice review as well.. :);)

    take care :)

  3. Hey Rama, Thanks for the detailed comment. It would be really helpful for me. Thank You :)

  4. Hi Namita, Im doing good. Thanks. Hru?

    Thanks a lot dear :)

  5. m fine Aarthi :)
    hows ur daughter :),, how old is she :)
    well,,we havent talked abt her in any of our conversation but i came to knw abt her through your blog..
    daughters r like lil princesses :);)

  6. Hey Namita,

    That is so sweet. I am doing good and Neya is fine too. She is 7 months old :)

  7. :) such an adorable age,,when all u can hear is giigles n crackles :) and the sweet sweet smiles too..

    Neya is such a pretty name :)

  8. That is true Namita. Me having super fun now but at the same time no time for me.. it is all hers :)

    I chose the name :) Thank You :)

  9. hmmm true but i guess you as a mother is getting to relive your own childhood in terms of neya growing up.. :) and yup its all her time..afterall she's ur PRINCESS :);)

    take care :)

  10. You are very true Namita :) She is my princess :D
    Take Care :)



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