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The Body Shop Love Etc Perfume Review

This is the first time I am reviewing a perfume here. My sister got me The Body Shop Love Etc Perfume long back and she got two small bottles so that I can carry it with me when I travel. Though I have many perfumes I would say this is my first one from The Body Shop [not considering the TBS body sprays]. I usually prefer summery and fruity fragrances. Not a lover of strong fragrances and this one falls in between strong and mild.


The perfume comes in a pretty colorful packaging and that attracted me initially. Though the outer packaging is colorful the bottle inside is pretty simple.

Top Notes - Pear, Neroli, Bergamot
Middle Notes - Jasmine, Heliotrope, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes - Vanilla, Sandalwood, Creamy Musk

Since this is the first time I am reviewing a perfume here, I will explain about the notes. For people who are not very perfumery [:P] top notes gives the fragrance that we feel as soon we spray the fragrance. This is very short lived. Middle notes form the fragrance that lingers for the next 1-2 hours. Base notes form the fragrance that lasts until we remove our clothes for wash :P [sometimes even after wash].

The fragrance lasts really long - as long as I am wearing the dress on which I have sprayed the perfume. I feel the fragrance more woody than fresh. Though this is not very my kind I wanted to try something different that is long lasting as all my other perfumes are light and does not last so long.

  • The packaging that also comes in a smaller version.
  • Fragrance is not very woody and also not very fresh. For a fresh fragrance lover like me who want to take a break from the usual scents this would be a good start.
  • Easy to be carry around. I won't say it it light weight.. well it can't be.
  • Easily available in all The Body Shop outlets.
  • The fragrance lasts all day !!!
  • The bottle is strong and sturdy.

  • If you like only fresh and summery or fruity fragrance then it is not for you.
  • It is expensive for the quantity.

Since this is a gift I didn't know the price and hence referred the The Body Shop online for the price in India. The price of The Body Shop Love Etc Perfume is Rs.1195 for 30 ml and Rs.1595 for 50ml. I am having the 30 ml bottle.


The choice of perfumes differ according to one's taste, so the verdict according to me is, it is a good perfume. Please try any perfume before getting it. 

I wanted to try something different from my usual ones and thus I bought it. Else this is not usually my kind of perfume. I already have 2 bottles so I don't think I will be buying this again. One thing I loved about this perfume is its staying power. 

Rating - ♥♥♥

Aarthi ♥


  1. I`m soooo happy someone has reviewed a perfume.This is a great review :)LOVE ETC is very pretty :)

  2. I love this perfume ... n Like you I want them to stay longer :d...

    Anywz Im hosting a giveaway please enter :D

  3. I am still confused with the smell...I mean whether its kinda summery...Ok confused to the core :p

  4. wow I must try this out. I love all of Body Shops scents. Thank you so much for this post

  5. i love tbs perfumes and would love to give this one a shot!

  6. Great review. My mom uses this one and she loves it. Thanks :)

  7. Hi I have tagged you..

    Chk it out:

  8. I have this!:D The EDT!:p Aarthi, you won a blog award! Check it out here

  9. Thank You PB. I know you'll be interested. To be honest you reminded me about perfumes so I thought of reviewing one :)

  10. Wowwww Sugarrrrrr.... Giveaway.. So excited :D

  11. Varshini I feel only the top notes are summery :)

  12. Welcome here NarsCupcake [love the name :)] and glad you liked the review :)

  13. Hey Anju, hope you like this one. Try it once before you buy :)

  14. Thank you BeautyDiva :)

  15. Thank You Indgal... I will take it up :)

  16. Hey Ikky,

    That is so sweet of you :) Thanks a lot :)

  17. I prefer fresh to woody :D ANd don use much of perfumes as i am very sensitive to smells and usually they give me a headache :\

  18. This is one of my favourites from TBS..Got it as a gift for ma birthday last yr...I feel it has a bit of spicy note too...

  19. Ohh Shweta.. I am not too sensitive but still I can't bear strong smell :(

  20. Gift !!!!... Hmm now I am turning jealous ;)



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