Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun Filled Saturday

July 2nd, Saturday was a fun filled day in my life and I have noted down the date, that I keep relishing the moments again and again. Myself and Varshini have been planning to meet and go shopping for such a long time and all we were able to do is just meet once at a Coffee Shop. 

This happened months ago and after that I ordered few oriflame products and wanted to collect it from her. We met near my place and coincidentally our hubbies were there, so we all decided to go for dinner :) We were talking all the while and giggling so much that at the end we realized all 4 of us gelled so well. Varshini was really happy that even our hubbies had so many things in common that they enjoyed each others company. 

Varshi, Me & Neya
Neya and Varshi's hubby fell in love with each other ;)

I was waiting for the right moment and planned for an outing to Express Avenue Mall the same weekend :) Me and hubby went to Varshini's place in the morning. She made awesome coffee for me and orange juice for hubby. Though we didn't have much time she managed to show her cosmetics collection :P She also gave those fluffy yummy chocolate cake for all of us. 

Sorry for the expanded version :(
After spending some time at Varshini's place we left for lunch. We had awesome lunch at Tangerine. I love the food there and 'Death by Chocolate' is a dessert to die for :D [Forgot to click a pic :( ]


I really forgot the name :P

Chicken Mexicana
Then we headed to EA and our hubbies gave their debit cards and left us alone. [Sigh..] We went to Lifestyle first and I got stuffs from Bourjois, Ponds and  few clothes as well. Varshi bought the healthy mix foundation from Bourjois and I really had to hold my hands tight to restrict myself from buying that. Varshi also got her skin analysed at Clinique.

We went to Lush as I wanted to try Angels on Bear Skin but I ended up buying Pied De Pepper Foot Cream.

Then we headed to health and glow and we were suprised to see NYX !!!!! So finally happy news for Chennaites - NYX is there in Chennai :D Then I bought stuffs from VLCC, Lotus, Street Wear and Varshini got a sunscreen from Lotus and face pack from VLCC. We were already tired as we were not just shopping but talking so much that even our jaws ached ;) We were so involved that we even forgot to click pics in the mall :(  Hubbies joined us after we finished our shopping.

To see what I shopped, you have to wait for the month end haul post :) 

The lovely day ended with heavy rains and we reached home late night with no more energy left ;) We planned to meet more frequently as I have to say we had super fun and I can never forget this day.

It has been 1 week already !!!

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Arts...had awesome time...And so much similarities....I love neya darling....and my hubby is her biggest fan :)

  2. True Varshini, can never forget this day :)

  3. paru9/7/11

    neya is incredibly adorable!!!!!!!(touch wood)

  4. good to see such a nice bonding...

    but the cutie neya stole the post out-rightly ...


  5. Thank you Namita.Hru doing? Neya did enjoy the day a lot :)

  6. Wow :D I tried opening tis page but it was like page nt found now I have seen...awsum day u had :))

  7. Ya Shweta :) We had super fun :D

  8. wow NYX in chennai :) That sounds awesome.. is it the H&G in Express avenue.. me planning to go next week :) nice post :)


  9. Ya Rekha, I found NYX in H&G, EA !!!!! Hope you do great shopping :D

  10. Aarthi.. ur face looks very familiar.. me kind of breaking my head since I saw ur snap here.. hmmm...

  11. Ohh really?? I know 2 Rekhas -onw is my school mate and another one is my collegue :P

  12. ohh nice.. have u been to annanagar by any chance.. me will break my head otherwise!

  13. I lived in Anna Nagar for 26 yrs until I got married in 2009 Dec !!!

  14. Now I got it.. me from Annanagar too.. from birth until now :D nice :)
    I should have seen you sometime :)

  15. Oh ok.. Are you from SBOA?

  16. Nope.. I studied in Valliammal, I stay in east :) btw nice meeting u here :) happy to see someone from Chennai blogging on beauty and makeup stuff :) keep in touch..

  17. Oh ok :) Glad to meet you too Rekha :)

  18. Yeah absolutely, I can review the liners :)

    Love Christine ♥

  19. Thanks a lot Chirstine :D

  20. Wowie......look at that...The chennai girls bonding...

    You really had a wonderful time Aarthi and Neya is a cutie pie :-))

    And thank you for the post...Somehow it took me back to my favouritest place. too a hard core Chennaiite....

  21. awwww...u two had so much fun! and Neya is sooooo cute..anybody wud fall in love with her. waiting for the haul post..and next time dont forget to click more pics. :))

  22. Wowwwwwww.... Never knew you were a Chennaite too !!! Glad to know that :)

  23. Sure Bulbul, Will do that next time :D



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