Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Haul

This month began with awesome shopping at EA shopping mall with Varshini. As I had mentioned before I was waiting to share the haul with all you girls here. But I didn't stop with that, I bought few more beauty  stuffs...:D Hope you enjoy the haul with me :)

I shopped at/from
  • Avon
  • Lush
  • Craftsvilla
  • Pantaloons
  • Express Avenue

The nail enamels were so tempting and Neha was also so helpful that I grabbed 5 this time.. Err Hmm.. Yes, you read it right - five nail enamels. A small add on too - anti -perspirant that came very cheap !!!

Avon Simply Pretty Nail Enamels in Frosty Blue, Pink Crush and Passionate Purple. It was in offer and I got 3 for Rs.109 !!! The Feeling Fresh Anti-Perspirant in Satin was again on offer for Rs.59. Then I got the matte nail enamel in Red Velvet and Nail Enamel in Blue Shock. I am so loving the Blue shock :) Both nail enamels together came to Rs.159.

Amount Spent - Rs.350 [Including Shipping]


I have been waiting to go to Lush since they opened their store in Chennai. I wanted to get 'Angels on Bare Skin' but ended up buying the foot cream 'Pied De Pepper'. 

Not a great one for my dry feet but took this one based on the SA's advice :(  This tiny little 100 gm tub had a huge price tag of Rs.860 !!!

Amount Spent - Rs.860


I was eyeing this pouch since a very long time and couldn't spot it for a while. When I spotted this with a discount coupon in hand - I thought this was the best time and bought the pouch.

The multi-color pouch is the one from Craftsvilla and I spent just Rs.200 on this.

Actual Worth - Rs.700
Amount Spent - Rs.200
Amount Saved - Rs.500


I am not an accessories person but always wanted to try a bit of colors and thus ended up buying a pair of earrings and multi-colored bangles.

The earrings costed me Rs.129 and the bangles were Rs.425. Isn't it really colorful.

Amount Spent - Rs.554

Express Avenue

Now comes the best part - I kept the best for the last ;) I shopped at Lifestyle and Health and Glow [Of,course from Lush too].

I got my first lip tint and my first lip creme from Bourjois. I am so excited to use them. I fell in love with them as soon as I tried it in the counter. Also got the most-raved Ponds TM in Sheer Rose. A multi-purpose brown polka-dots pouch [set of 5 - see pic under the heading Craftsvilla] grabbed my attention too :P

Bourjois Lip Creme - Rs.600
Bourjois Lip Tint - Rs.475
Ponds TM - Rs.215
Pouch - Rs.195 [Highly recommended by Varshini]

As I headed to H&G I got the VLCC Anti Tan Pack [a good product] Street Wear Blush and Lotus AloeHydra Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel.  Though I was very excited to see NYX, I didn't know what to buy and thus ended up buying nothing :P

VLCC Anti Tan Pack - Rs.175
Street Wear Stay On Mineral Blush [Rose Swirl] - Rs.475
Lotus Aloe Hydra Moisturizing Gel - Rs.195

Amount Spent - Rs.2330

This month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.4295
Total Amount Saved - Rs.500
Best Buys - Avon Nail Enamels, Bourjois Lip products and the pouches :D

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. cool haul.. enjoy your products :)

  2. iam loving the earings arts...bestest :)

  3. i must admit
    i so love your month end haul post
    i sware am the biggest fan of your these post ... :D :D

  4. I already started enjoying Indgal. Glad you liked the haul :)

  5. Varshi.. tried a big earring after a long time and me liked it too :)

  6. Oh Rashmi.. I am on Cloud Nine.. Seriously.. The best compliment I have got ever :D Thanks a lot. *Hugs* :*

  7. hi aarthi, the TBS sale is still aug 25th I heard. Sure you can check them out by then.

  8. hey fab all d stuff :)

  9. aww :) hugs back honey ... but seriouslly this is sometihng i would never come up with :D :D

  10. so nice. loved the craftsvilla pouch. :))

  11. I loved express avenue when i was ther it was so much fun :D... It was like a mall full of candy :D....

  12. Thanks Indgal.. I will try to make it :)

  13. Thank You Bhumika :)

  14. Ha Ha Rashmi.. I know why ;)

  15. Oh really.. Bulbul, did you do your 2nd purchase from Craftsvilla?

  16. Your haul posts are such fun!!!:D Avon nailpaints look great na! :D

  17. paru1/8/11

    my favorite post :)love it!!!...cud u review the vlcc anti tan face pack...i am using their anti tan face wash after reading the reviews on imbb but it doesn't seem to be working on me:(

  18. One super cool haul Aarthi :D and review the lip creme and lip tint na :D

  19. Ya Ikky.. Me loving the range of colors :)

  20. Thank you Paru. Will definitely review that for you. To give a gist it works well :)

    I never believe in face washes solving any skin problems [other than cleansing].. might be because they don't stay on our skin for long to work effectively :P

  21. Thank You Shweta.. Will definitely review those for you :)

  22. earrings and bangles woww :) have fun aarthi :)

  23. Hey Sugar, there are more stores opened recently.. you should visit EA again :)

  24. :) Sure Rekha :)

  25. paru5/8/11 bf is in chennai till sunday and i want to get a brush set from faces..i thought there was one in skywalk but he couldnt find u know if there is any other malls with faces...or may be exactly where it is in skywalk..he stays in anna nagar so any place close to that...????pls reply soon..he wont be going for another two months..:(

  26. Hi Paru,

    I think they have a small faces stall just outside westside in 1st or 2nd floor in Ampa Sky Walk. I haven't seen faces anywhere else. Also do not worry, if you are not in a hurry I can get it for you sometime.

  27. paru6/8/11

    thanks a ton aarthi...mwah!!!!

  28. i used to love pied de pepper(used up all of it).Love the smell.

  29. True Anju the smell is so unique for a foot cream and I like it :)

  30. Nice haul a review of street wear blush.

  31. Hey Vertu, Will do that soon :)

  32. Hi gr8 to know that ur from chennai. I too am from chennai. Nice blog aarthi! Am happy to discover more people blogging from chennai :-)

  33. Hey Shruthi, Welcome here :) Nice to see a visitor from Chennai again :) Thanks a lot and Keep Coming :)



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