Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oriflame Beauty Power Shine Lipstick Review

I bought my Oriflame Power Shine Lipsticks from Varshini and that was my first purchase from Oriflame. I had no idea about these lippies but Varshini insisted to try them and I am so glad I did. I got 2 shades, one in Trendy Berry and other one in Pink Bloom. I have been using it for a month now and I thought it is the right time to review these lipsticks.


More than Pink Bloom I have been using Trendy Berry and there is no special reason for that. I love both the lipsticks equally. These lipsticks are creamy with shimmers in it. Shimmers are not too obvious and thus suitable for both day and night. They have a light melon fragrance that makes the lipstick so yummy. True I lick it sometimes ;) The color fades in a while leaving the shimmer spread all over. Pink Bloom is a light pink shade whereas Trendy Berry is a berry shade.

Pink Bloom and Trendy Berry [You can see how much I have used]
  • It is a creamy lipstick and I love it on my lips.
  • Smells like melon and it is so yummy.
  • Shimmers are very light and hence suits all occasions.
  • Packaging is sleek and simple.
  • It does not make my lips dry.

  • Staying power is very less. Without eating or drinking it stays just for 3-4 hrs max.
  • Availability is an issue as you have to find an oriflame consultant.
  • After the color fades the shimmer spreads everywhere.
  • A point I noticed last night, a tiny bit chipped off from the Pink Bloom !!!! 
When color fades

The price of Oriflame Beauty Power Shine Lipsticks are Rs.329 for 1.6 gms. I got it for just Rs.69 !!!!


These lipsticks are the one of the good ones I have used so far. If you don't mind reapplying then carry a tissue to wipe the glitters that spread around and you will love this lipstick for sure. I really like the texture and smell of these and I will try more shades in future :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

Aarthi ♥


  1. I have pink bloom and love it too... although I often wear it over another colour.... or even layer another lippie over it to tone down the shimmer....

  2. Thanks for the review. you have not posted a pic of the swatches? post swatches na?

  3. I think everyone likes ths anks and that is a nice idea to tone down shimmer :)

  4. You got yourself a bargain there!:) They look nice and shimmery. Are you sure the staying power is not good? Or because they are so yummy you lick em off hehe! Nice review, enjoy your lippies.

  5. You can see the swatches here Indgal


  6. Thank You PB :D He he... no without licking it didn't stay for a long time ;)

  7. cool review. The colors do look nice. I have never tried oriflame lipsticks. would love to try 'em.

  8. good review aarthi :) know what.. I was so excited reading this n took out my clover haze and to my luck it fell off my hand and :(

  9. Nice colors :) the shimmers are a put off but as u said they can be wiped :) ill try these after my current list is over :D

  10. Hey Anju,

    Thanks :) Do try these power shine ones and I guess you will like them :)

  11. @Indgal,

    Welcome dear :)

  12. OMG Rekha !!!! Good reason to buy a new one now :D

  13. If you don't like glitters then do try before getting this Shweta :)

  14. Hey gave you award..

    Thanks for your support and encouragement for my blog :)

  15. arts...these lilipies are my favs...ya i agree with those shimmers sticking to the lips :D

  16. Thank You HOF :) So sweet of you :) I am so yapppyyyyyyyyy :D

  17. Varshi, a small part chipped off from it.. did that happen to you as well???

  18. thanks for the lovely comment aarthi. am feeling much better now. hope u r doing well too :)

  19. Pink bloom looks good...but don't think i will be able to handle the shimmer.... i liked the neat packaging a lot :)

  20. Hi Anju,

    Thank You, I am doing good. Started going to gym to feel better :P

  21. Hi Ramya,

    If you get it on offer(like me) just try it.. not very exp na?

  22. this looks more like glossy lipstick and it seems its not that pigmented..and yes I am ur new blogger frnd...

    1. Ya smita u r right :-) thank you :-) n welcome here :-)



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