Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is time to say 'Thanks' again. I am speechless [read breathless] to get so many blog awards. 

When every thing is routine and we are waiting for a change to happen, or even to make a change, there should be a small push to keep us going...For me such a push is always there from all you co-bloggers and my readers. Thank you all guys. 

What made me to write a post all of a sudden ?? I was again given a blog award !!! I mean blog awardS..

1.The Sunshine Award

Thank You Hungover on Fashion :)

This sunshine award means a lot to me :) Thanks for remembering me and my blog :)

Hungover on Fashion is a space with so much color and variety that you would never get bored and keep waiting for more !! Do visit her blog and get hooked :)

2.The Versatile Blogger

And this time it is not just one... but more.. Yes, a blog award from Varshini and Rekha!!!

It makes me even more happy. Sorry Varshi I did delay a lot :( Thanks for the award and also Thanks a lot for understanding. 

Varshini owns this space called My Cyber Kitchen and Makeup Madness where she shares awesome recipes that you would drool for. She is my guru when it comes to baking :D Do check out her blog and get sleepless nights that make you drool even in your dreams :D

Rekha hails from the same city (even area) where I spent all my time growing up... that feels special isn't it? Thanks a lot for sharing the award dear :) Rekha writes at Makeup and Beauty Review and she has started this cute little space very recently for all of us :)

3.Butterfly Award

I think any one can guess my mood now :D Ya, 3 awards from 4 lovely people. The Butterfly Award was awarded by Ik of Makeup Monologues whose space is full of stuff you'll love. Thank you Ikky :) Thanks a lot for remembering me for this award.

I am sharing these awards with all the bloggers whom I follow :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. congrats arts...this so cool and awesome :)

  2. :D aww Aarthi! You deserve every bit of it! mwah!!

  3. Yay!! keep writing!

  4. congrats! and u got another award. do accpet plz. :))

  5. hi Aarthi check my blog.. given your some awards

  6. Thank You Rakhshanda :)

  7. Ya Varshi.. I was super dooper happy ;)

  8. Ohhh.. Thank you so much Ik :) That is so sweet of you :)

  9. :D Thank You Linhy :D

  10. OMG Bulbul... You are the sweetest.. Mwah.. :) Thank you loads :)

  11. SSG... That is so sweet of you.. Thank You :)

  12. hehhee.. im just seeing this post now :)



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