Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pied De Pepper - My First ♥Lush♥

I have always been wanting to try some product from Lush. Initially Lush was not available in my place and I had an excuse. When Lush launched their store in EA Mall here I couldn't wait any longer. I browsed through many blogs to find the best Lush product for myself. I decided to get 'Angels on Bare Skin' cleanser and then it was time for me to visit the store.

Here is what I bought at last. How did my purchase change from a cleanser to a foot lotion? Also a Peek- a-Boo for all of you.

When we have an option to get a vegan and fresh hand made cosmetics who wouldn't be tempted to try it. I was a victim too :D

When I reached the store all I asked for was the AOBS as I was sure if I go into the store I might end up buying more than what I had planned for :P The SA came forward and suggested me to try Herbalism for my skin type [as AOBS was meant for very oily skin] but since the reviews were not so good I just dropped the thought of getting a cleanser.

I have been on a hunt for good foot cream for my extremely dry feet and the SA asked me to get Pied De Pepper. This is the story behind.

Also I have been using the foot lotion for a week now, will review the product in a month's time. By this post I am setting a reminder for myself ;)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow! review fasttlyyy!:P You have dry skin na.. dint try any soap or lotion?

  2. Ya Ikky.. I like TBS Body Butters.. Yet to find good lotion and soap - dove is the only soap that suits my skin :(

  3. this looks good Aarthi.. waiting for the review..

  4. Hi Rekha,

    Hru doing? Will do the review soon :)

  5. Im gud aarthi.. how ru :)

  6. Doing good Rekha :)Thank You :)

  7. Hi...great blog...I am loving your candid approach...great post btw :) and please post the review soon...I have very dry feet too :(

  8. Thank You Vaishnavi :) Your words means a lot to me :) Will do the review in a month's time for sure :)



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