Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Water Based Lip Tint Review

As you all know very recently I have started trying new lip products.. well I mean being a complete lip gloss person I have started trying out many lipsticks [mostly creamy], lip cream and lip tint. I really enjoy this process and thought of sharing the same with you :) Like my first lip cream this is my first lip tint and again it is from Bourjois - a brand I trust a lot.

Shweta here is the review for you :)


Bourjois is well known for its cute packaging and this lip tint doesn't disappoint you as well. Ya, the packaging is completely drool worthy :D It has a transparent glass lid, on opening it you can see the the applicator dipped in the lip tint. It kinda has 2 lids :) and I liked it. It is a very tiny bottle in the size of my thumb.

The applicator is comfortable to use and spreads the lip tint evenly. I had to work on it quickly else it dries and leaves my lips patchy. The color looks different in the bottle and in the lips - might be because I have pigmented lips - I am not very sure. The shade I got is "Groseille Irreelle" and though it looks like a fuchsia pink, it turned out like a reddish color on my lips.

  • Very attractive packaging.
  • Useful applicator that is easy to use.
  • Availability is not an issue.
  • Once we get used to this, it is really easy to apply and thus gets evenly spread.
  • Tastes sweet :P Please don't lick it, I did it by mistake.
  • It stays well for around 5 hours in spite of drink and meals.Though the color fades it still looks good.
  • This tiny bottle will last really long, as a little amount is enough every time.

  • It dries my lips so I have to use a lip balm every time.
  • It has some medicine smell to it. It is neither strong nor long lasting but just the smell isn't pleasant while applying.
  • Do try it on your lips before buying as it comes out as a different color on the lips.
  • I didn't have much color choice :(  When I bought this there were just 2 shades available.
  • It gives a matte effect, so people who don't like matte lips [like me] can use a gloss on top to make it look better.

The Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Water Based Lip Tint costs Rs.475 for 8.5 ml.


This is something new when it comes to the usual lipstick and lip gloss, which makes it interesting. Other than that the packaging is very interesting and it is very hard to resist. Once in a while you can spend on such products is what I feel, else you can easily skip this considering the cons.

Rating - ♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. hmmm I think i will skip this one just coz of the medicinal smell. I hate it when cosmetics have that sort of smell.nice review

  2. Ya.. Not a must-have Anju :)

  3. TBS's lip and cheek stain in 01 Rose is similar to this though more rosy pinkish and looks great! I've been through 2 tubes of it and I love it! It's quite drying n has a great staying power as well, so you could consider giving it a try! No offensive smell. Rs.545..great post! :)
    ♥ Sukanya

  4. Hey Thanks Sukanya :) I have heard so much about TBS lip and cheek stains and thanks a lot for suggesting the shade. Will chk it out when I go to TBS next :)



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