Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oriflame Visions Instant Cheeky Stick Blusher Review

I always like to try cosmetics that comes with a difference like the lip creams and tints I wanted to try a stick blusher too.This was even before Lakme introduced the stick blushers, that I spotted the Oriflame Stick Blusher and ordered the same immediately.

This review was requested by Ramya long back :)


When I saw this blush in the Oriflame catalogue, there were just 2 color choice available. I went for the lighter one and it is named 'Rose' [in the stick] / 'Feeling Rosy'[in the brochure]. This is a very tiny stick blusher, in the size of my pinky/little finger that contains 5g of the blush. The blush is a creamy one but not very creamy and hence I find it a little hard to blend it on my cheeks.

I am N42 and for my skin tone the color hardly shows. It just leaves a shine on my cheeks so people with fair skin tone might be around NC 35 can try this one. Since I didn't want to throw this away I use this beneath my powder blush and it stays pretty long. Some times I just use this blush and I like the simple shiny cheeks as well :)

  • The blush is cute and small and I love the packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to be carried along.
  • Love the shade I have got [though it doesn't show up on my cheek]
It actually shows on my hand but not on my cheeks :(

  • Availability is an issue. Though you manage to find a consultant the blusher is not available easily.
  • The blush is not very creamy. It is very hard and hence not skin-friendly.
  • Not many shades available.
  • This might suit light skin tones but definitely not for skin tone > NC 40. I was highly disappointed as it showed well on my wrist but didn't show up on my cheeks :(

The Oriflame Visions Instant Cheeky Stick Blusher costs Rs.298 for 5 g.


This is an expensive product which doesn't work well for me. If you have fair skin tone and if you are a person who do not mind spending for cute packaging, then you can go for this. Other wise I don't think this is necessary. You better skip this and get some useful blush for yourself. I loved it initially but got bored with the simple shine it left on my cheek and I don't love this anymore :(

Rating - ♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. great honest review. nice swatch too.the shade actually looks nice

  2. lovely shade!

  3. Thank you Anju :) Ya it is a pretty shade, wish it showed up on me :(

  4. :) i'm doing the happydance smiley now :) thats so sweet of you....thank you for the review Aarthi...the color is pretty and the packaging is cute..... wish it showed up well too :( it will definitely not show up on me :( .... i liked your honest review .... :)

  5. I really wanted it to show up on my skin but no :( Glad you liked the review ramya :)

  6. Anonymous6/11/11

    i have got one from oriflame too, mine called cool vibes but i don't like the shimmer in it and i did not figure up till now an appropriate way to apply it, when i put it directly in my cheek i feel as spot of peach color which is not good and when i try to blend it is as if throw glitter on my cheeks, no pigments.



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