Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Haul

Heyyyy alll.. so here is this month's haul for all you girls. The brands I have got are Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon and Oriflame. I guess all you enjoy my haul here as much as I did. I didn't plan this haul but it just happened and I am happy with all the products I have got :D


I got 2 nail enamels from Maybelline Colorama in Roxo Metalico and Verde Palmeira. Roxo Metalico is a purple nail enamel with pink shade as well and Verde Palmeira is a good green colored one.

These nail enamels were Rs.85 for 8 ml.


I really wanted to try this L'Oreal Nutri Shine Color Riche lipstick since I saw the ad in magazines but I thought the price was too high. To spend Rs.720 on L'Oreal I would happily spend Rs.900 and buy a MAC lipstick. My good that I spotted this on offer with Rs.120 off the MRP !!! The shade I got is Rose Guava.

Though the MRP is Rs.720 for 3.3g I got this for Rs.600 !!


All co-bloggers were tempting me to try the Colorburst lipgloss and after trying the colorburst lipstick I really wanted to give it a shot and that is how I ended up buying this super lovely gloss for myself. I got the shade Rose Gold or Rose. There is a different shade name written on the sticker on top which says Crystal Lilac. I am yet to find which is the correct shade name :P

I got this lip gloss for Rs.475 for 5.9 ml.


I though I have got too many Avon and Oriflame stuffs and I should take a break from these but my neighbour and a good friend of mine came up to me saying about these awesome pencils which were on good offer. I was very confused in picking the shade but the way she explained I ended up buying all 5 pencil and 10 colors :D

Each pencil was priced at Rs.119 but my friend offered these for just Rs.100 each !!!! Also I bought the intimate feminine wash for which she refused to take any money from me [which was approximately Rs.300] !!!!! So it was free :D Greedy me :P


I got this cute little white [multi-colored] toe ring for Rs.39 each !! I remember buying these for Rs.10 each.

Since I got the L'Oreal lipstick along with these toe rings from the same place [shop >Rs.500] I got this cute little pearl drops as a gift :)

This Month - 
Total Amount Spent - Rs.1823
Total Amount Saved - Rs.515
Best Buys - Eyepencils, Feminine Wash, Lip Gloss

P.S - Sorry I forgot to post the swatches, I was almost dozing off. Will update them or put them up during the reviews. Any review request is always welcome :)

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. Great haul Aarthi! The products look great :)

  2. awesome aarthi.. even me got all the pencils this time :) can u swatch the Roxo Metalico shade? looks intrsting :)

  3. wowie
    where did u get the nutrishine for 600!!!!!!!
    i just got a loreal color rich yesterday in 720 :(

  4. Looks like a great haul!!
    I toh want swatches of evvverything!! :)

  5. Thank you Rakhshanda :)

  6. Hey Rekha.. I'll say that was a wise decision.. Don't know whether we will get the same offer again !! Sure will do an NOTD with Roxo :)

  7. Hey Neha the MRP is 720 but Diwali offer at Megamart :D I grabbed it thr :)

  8. Hey Keerthi,

    Thank You :)

    He He.. Sure will do them asap :)

  9. Aarthi m planning to buy a lipstick frm this range of loreal,, how is it actually,, please can u review it when u get free after neya's bday,,

    thanks :)

  10. Sure Namita :) Thanks for giving me the time :)

  11. Thank You Mihaela :)



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