Thursday, November 3, 2011

Key Chain Purse - My New Love

These days I am going crazy looking out for tiny cute purse that comes with a key chain :P Don't ask me why, I seriously have no idea. This craziness made me get two such pretty and cute coin purse with a key chain attached to it :D

One is a black purse with a little zip on top. Something that looks simple and neat.

The other one is the actual cute one :D Well, you'll know when you see it - it has a pretty bow, metal key and a heart shaped hanging too :)

Aren't they lovely? So what are you drooling over?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Anonymous6/11/11

    oooh it's so pretty! where did you buy this from?

  2. these r sooo cutee !! nd hey I have the second 1 in pink :D

    PS- following u now !! Plz visit my blog and follow me back if u like-

  3. Hey Maya,

    Guess one from the Guess show room at EA, Chennai and the other one from Globus.

  4. Hi Nitika .. OMG how did i miss the pink one ?? me being a pink lover.. :(

  5. they r soooo cute. and trendy. :))

  6. Thank u Bulbul :)

  7. So cute!! =)
    I loved your blog, following....
    kisses S2



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