Friday, November 18, 2011

L'Oreal Nutri Shine Color Riche Lipstick Review

I have been drooling over this lipstick ever since I saw the ad in magazines, especially the shade worn by Sonam Kapoor :D Though I tried many shades the price made me stay away from these lippies. I spotted this on offer and I couldn't resist and thus I got one for myself :)


The lipstick comes in a very pretty packaging that grabbed my attention [after the ad ;)] All the shades were so tempting as well. When I knew the rate was INR 720 I was holding back as I thought even MAC lipsticks were INR 900 and instead of buying these I might buy a MAC !!  I tried it again in another shop where it was on offer and decided to buy just one shade to satisfy my craving. The lipsticks are very sheer or I can say the effect is similar to that of a gloss. If you are looking for good pigmentation then these lipsticks are not for you. I bought the shade 'Rose Guava'.

  • Very pretty packaging.
  • All shades are pretty.
  • Availability.
  • These lipsticks are very moisturizing and thus not dry my lips.
  • Leaves a glossy finish to my lips which I like the most.

  • Very sheer, I can say these are lip glosses in the form of lipsticks. If you have pigmented lips or if you are a person who gets lipsticks for their pigmentation then you can skip this for sure. You definitely need do use a lip pencil before applying the lipstick.
  • Price is high.
  • Staying power is less. It stays for 3 hours max.


The price of L'Oreal Nutri Shine Color Riche Lipsticks are Rs.720 for 3.3 g. I got this for Rs.600 !


I like these lipsticks as I am more of a lip gloss person but still I might not get more than 2 shades because of the price. Pushing aside the price and pigmentation I really love these lipstick for the moisturizing effect and glossy finish. It is completely a personal choice whether you should get this or not based on your preference.

You want -> Glossy Finish + Cute Packaging + Moisturizing Effect = Get This
You Want -> Pigmentation + Inexpensive + Long Lasting = Skip This

Rating - ♥♥♥



  1. i guess m gonna skip dis. i lyk pigmented lippies but i agree d packaging is cute :)

  2. Nice shade. Thanks for the detailed review :)

  3. it is pretty shade :)

  4. the swatch luks just like a lipgloss...

  5. i like it. the packaging is very nice.^^
    ohh, i'm so excited for your giveaway :D


  6. thts a nice shade aarthi n very clear review too :) m gonna skip this though :P

  7. Nice review ! Well this is pretty costly , its better to purchase maybelline watershine lipsticks for glossy effect, hey na??

  8. Aarthi which shade is this ?

  9. Thank U Beautydiva :)

  10. Thank you Miss L :)

  11. True allaboutladies it looks more like a gloss !!

  12. Ya it looks very tempting Mihaela:D

  13. Ya Jyoti you actually can :)

  14. True manya.. we get equally glossy lipsticks for much lesser price..

  15. Oops sorry Bhumika.. forgot to mention.. It is Rose Guava.. Have updated the same.. Thank u :)

  16. i like pigmented lip products. so, I guess i will skip this one. nice review :)

  17. Hi aarthi. Im a fellow blogger from chennai (although nowhere near as experienced or great at make up as you are) and love your blog. :)
    Somehow I find l'oreal basics like foundations and concealers and powders are better than their colour cosmetics. I've never met a l'oreal lipstick that I liked. Sigh!

  18. Thank You Anju :)

  19. Hey thts nice to know :) Also thanks for the compliment :D I just realized even I do not remember going for any L'Oreal lippies !!! This was my first one :)

  20. nice review Aarthi :)
    love the shade but it would have been a lot better if the pigmentation was a bit more :)

  21. True Namita that is the biggest con :(



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