Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencil Swatches

Hi Everyone, 

Neya's birthday was a blast and end of it we all fell sick !! It took time for me to recover [Neya is still recovering :(] Well all this story is here to say 'Thanks' for hanging on to this space :)

Coming to the post now I wanted to do an elaborate review on these pencils before which I thought I will post the swatches as I had promised.

These pencils are so creamy and I am H-O-H in love with these :D There are 5 pencils with each pencil having 2 colors.
  • Night Glow - Black & White
  • Mocha Loca - Gold & Bronze
  • Electric Purple - Light Purple & Violet
  • Goddess Green - Bluish Green & Bottle Green
  • Blue Lagoon - Dark & Light Navy Blue

T to B - Night Glow, Goddess Green, Blue Lagoon,  Electric Purple & Mocha Loca
All colors are good, Night Glow, Mocha Loca and Goddess Green are more vibrant where as Blue Lagoon and Electric Purple are subtle and matte.

So which one you like to pick?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow! goddess green, blue lagoon and electric purple wud be my pick. :)

  2. and a belated happy birthday to Neya. :)) :*

  3. Awesome colors na?

  4. Thanks a lot Bulbul :)

  5. goddess green n blue lagoon r so nicee..whats the price ?
    ohh..I hope u all esp Neya gets well soon..

  6. wow nice colors.gonna pick few of dem :) n get well soon dear n belated happy bday to neya :)

  7. Hi Bhumika.. I got this during offer [Rs.100] I think the original price is Rs.179 :)

    Thanks a lot Bhumika :)

  8. BLack n White is really good too Mihaela :)

  9. Thank a lot Sabari :) The colors are so vibrant you must check out :)

  10. These look really nice Aarthi ,, :)

  11. I loved godess green a lot! these are damn cheap too!

  12. True Manya..even today I wore green and everyone complimented me :D

  13. Thank you Namita :)



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