Sunday, November 6, 2011

Street Wear Stay On Mineral Blush Review

I really wanted to try this blush ever since I read the review and there were two reasons. One is that it came with an applicator and the other one was the packaging. I got the shade Rose Swirl.

This review was requested by Vertu :)


The powder blush comes with a sponge applicator and it does a decent job. There is a lid for the powder and once we remove the lid the powder gets into the sponge applicator and thus the color to the skin. The sponge is soft on the skin thus making the application easier. The color Rose Swirl would suit most of the skin tones and I personally like the color very much.

Removable Lid
  • The shade I have got is a pretty dark rose shade.
  • Comes in a easy to use packaging.
  • Sponge is soft and smooth on skin.
  • Application is easy and quick.
  • Can be carried along and be used on the go.
  • Stays on 5 hours.
  • Easily available.

  • Sometimes I have to keep shaking the powder to get the desired amount of color on the skin. So might need more rubbing on the skin as well.

The price of Street Wear Stay On Mineral Blush is Rs.475 for 3g.


This is a good blush to try, especially if you are travelling most of the time this would come handy always. Also if you love different / cute packaging then just go for it. Try the shades before getting one for yourself.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

Aarthi ♥


  1. Even i have the same shade! its nice!

  2. You really like streetwear na aarthi..but the color is nice n subtle..

  3. Ya Tapaswini.. so convenient :)

  4. True Bhumika.. Decent prods at decent price na ?

  5. this looks easy to use and the color is pretty awesome..... :)

  6. i stumbled to ur blog while finding reviews for street wear. u have a lovely blog dear :)

  7. Ya Ramya.. comes very handy :)

  8. Thank You Sabari :) Your words mean a lot to me :) Keep coming :)

  9. I saw this blush in a store-and simply loved the color!!! However-the sponge applicator sorta prevented me from buying it :( :( its impossible to clean the sponge na??

  10. Hey GF.. True you cant clean the sponge applicator 100% but you can just spray little bit of sanitizer before using it..

  11. Hey Aarthi..

    Your blog is very good.

    I hereby nominate it for Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it here -

    There are few rules you need to abide by for accepting this award. I hope you will abide by them and pass on the mojo to other deserving blogs.

  12. Thank you Surabhi.. Will check it out :)

  13. luks so good...n the pack is quite tempting...i like streetwear's lipglosses a lot..

  14. hi..i've announced a giveaway..if u're interested u can def participate in my giveaway..thank u :)

  15. ohh..nice shade..
    oops..belated happy birthday to princess neya..
    sorry,,had a bad injury so was completely off from here.. was the party Aarthi :)
    my wishes to sweetheart neya :)

  16. Thank You 'Allaboutladies'. I haven't tried Street wear lip glosses.. Will check them at the counters next time :)

  17. Sure will check out :)

  18. OMG.. Namita.. Hru doing? Hope you are doing good.

    Thanks a lot for the wishes. Will mail you :)

  19. @ Aarthi :
    yep,,m better now my dear
    :) back to blogging now :D

    god bless u

  20. That is great to hear Namita :) Take Care :)



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