Wednesday, December 21, 2011

L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh Gloss Brillance 6H [Fresh Grenadine] Review

I think many of you had requested a review of the L'Oreal Lip Gloss that came with the Radiance Beauty Edition Kit. I started using it immediately so that I can give a proper review of the same. The shade 507 - Fresh Grenadine is a pretty coral shade that is very similar to the Nail Enamel I had reviewed HERE.


The Glam Shine Fresh Gloss is my first gloss from L'Oreal and seeing the coral color I couldn't wait to try this and the nail enamel too. This is such a pretty coral shade and this coral gloss has rose undertones to it. The packaging is super sexy and the applicator does a great job too. The color doesn't show much so I have to wear a similar color lipstick or lip pencil underneath to show the color. If you don't have pigmented lips then might be you do not need a base and the color might show up pretty well.

  • Love the packaging.
  • Love the applicator.
  • Love the coral shade of the gloss.
  • The gloss stays on for good 4 hours but definitely not for 6 hrs ! The color stays as the gloss fades over time.
  • It gives a light coral tint to my lips while using just the gloss and I love that color on me.
  • A unique shade in my collection.
  • Not very sticky.
  • Does not dry my lips.
  • The gloss has a strong medicine smell to it which I really hate but I am still managing to be with it as I like the color.
  • 6H - If it means 6 hrs staying power - then it is false !!


The price of L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh Gloss Brillance 6H is Rs.750 for 6 ml.


I wont say this is a must buy but a good buy. I love the color so much that I don't really mind the cons but when considering the price, I would prefer a MAC gloss !! If you ignore the price you can give this a shot and you will love it for the shade and decent staying power.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥ [for this shade] 
                ♥♥♥ [just the gloss]

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. the shade looks awesome Aarthi,,
    I love such kind of coral shades,,instantly brighten up our face :)

    nice review n m lovin the new look of your blog :)

  2. the coral color looks really nice

  3. such a pretty shade !

  4. Nice review Aarthi. It doesn't stay for 6 hr then I'll skip it. Does it stay even after a meal?

  5. Super pretty shade na?

  6. Thanks a lot Namita :)

    It is such a lovely shade in my collection :)

  7. Thanks Bhumika :) Me love it :)

  8. Ya Vertu, the color actually fades after a meal but still stays but not the glossiness.

  9. Nice shade! I'm such a gloss eater that my gloss vanishes even if I just have a biscuit! Hehe

  10. but how would it look on the lips...if you could post a pic of it on the lips!!

  11. Ha Haa.. Actually the color stays for a while.. might be even if you have a biscuit ;) Because end of the day I need a remover to wipe it off completely !!

  12. Hi SS.. Ya I have been trying to click a pic of the color on my lips and unfortunately my cam doesn't do a great job for macro shots.. Gimme some time and I shall post the pics with the color on my lips :)

  13. wow it stays for 4hrs..its awesome...color...anythng coral i am lovin these days ....nice revs arts

  14. Thank You Varshi :)

  15. i have this shade n must tell u its really lovely...ut i can't find it anywhere in delhi. i bought this one from europe. where can i get it in delhi ?? help!!

    1. I couldn't find it here too !! Might be they didn't launch the shade here..:(

  16. Heya Arthi, where did u buy this shade from?? if you didnt get it in delhi ..i m not able to find it anywhere in here :(

    1. It came with a kit as I have mentioned Shweta. My sis got the kit for me from airport :)



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