Sunday, December 18, 2011

MAC Lipglass in Budding Romance Review

Being a lip gloss person [at least until few months back] I always wanted to own a lip gloss from MAC. Though I had too many options to choose from my first lip gloss from MAC was from my sister who gifted me the MAC Tartan Tale - My Scottish Fling kit. You can see the entire contents of the kit HERE.


The lip glass is a creamy lip gloss and suits and shows well on pigmented lips as well. This tiny little lip glass smells like cookies and is not too sticky on the lips. It has very light shimmers to it. I doubt the availability of this shade as it might be a limited edition - as a part of the kit. If you are pink lover then you must have this kit and the lip gloss is a pretty pink shade.

  • It is a creamy lip gloss. I mean the shade and texture is little creamy.
  • Comes with a good applicator.
  • Shows well on pigmented lips as well.
  • It has nice cookie smell.
  • Love the name of the gloss.
  • It has very light shimmers.
  • Stays for good 3-4 hrs.

  • Though the shade looks like pink while worn it looks more peachy with brown undertones !! I am not sure whether it happens to everyone.
  • The availability is still a doubt.


Since this gloss came in a kit I am not sure of the individual pricing but the entire MAC Tartan Tale - My Scottish Fling Kit costs $50.


This is a pretty pink gloss [ well a peachy gloss on my lips :(] that all pink lovers would love to have in their collection. I feel everyone should own at least one MAC pigmented lip glass and I am sure we will have so much fun using it.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. lovely shade aarthi, I always love light shade !!

  2. Aarthi :) hiee :)

    the color looks nice and your sis is so sweet :) :)

    Also I have nominated you for the versatile Blog award,,

    check it out here :)


    Namita :)

  3. i got the same does give peachy tones...but overall i like this!!

  4. Hi, new to your Blog:) M likin' the shade of MAC's Lipgloss.

  5. Absolutely love it... Pretty shade

  6. I prefer light shades too Rakhshanda :)

  7. Wow.. Thank You Namita :) So sweeeettttttt of you :)

  8. Ya shooting star.. me too loving this :)

  9. Thank You deals-stealsnmore :)Keep coming :)

  10. Ya Priya.. now I want to get a pink lip gloss from MAC :)



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